Lost Memory Fragment Locations

May 9, 2018


To break them, you need to shoot them with the matching element color, or the dark red one's with a Valkyrie.


For 35/45 you receive an Exotic Sword, for all 45/45 you receive an Exotic Sparrow. The 45 Cache is in Olympus Descent.

All 45 Locations In Order By Zone 



Videos to each zone

Olympus Descent 3/3


Glacial Drift 12/12


Braytech Futuresafe 10/10


Aurora Reach 2/2


Mindlab: Rasputin 4/4


Dynamo Approach 1/1


Alton Dynamo 9/9


Ma'adim Subterrane (Lost Sector) 2/2


Core Teminus (Lost Sector) 2/2



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