Infinite Forge Guide

December 29, 2017


Verse 1           

Kinetic Scout Rifle - 1 CRC


Verse 2

Kinetic Submachine Gun - 2 CRC & 1 APA


Verse 3

Energy Hand Cannon - 1 CRC & 2 APA


Verse 4

Kinetic Pulse Rifle - 3 CRC


Verse 5

Energy Sidearm - 3 APA & 1 FHB


Verse 6

Energy Submachine Gun - 2 CRC & 2 APA


Verse 7

Kinetic Hand Cannon - 1 APA & 2 FHB


Verse 8

Energy Pulse Rifle - 2 APA & 2 FHB


Verse 9

Energy Auto Rifle - 2 CRC & 2 APA & 2 FHB


Verse 10

Sword - 3 APA


Another Verse

Shotgun - Legends Lost Quest Line from Brother Vance


CRC - Concentrated Radiolarian Culture

Gather 10 Radiolarian Culture from public events and chests. Give to Brother Vance to upgrade.


APA - Advanced Paradox Amplifier

Gather 10 Paradox Amplifiers from completing strikes, Crucible matches, and Heroic adventures on Mercury. Give to Brother Vance to upgrade.


Important Note

Heroic Strikes also reward Paradox Amplifiers. After testing this last night, there were strikes where I received both Paradox Amplifiers and Fossilized Hermaion Blossom so it is definitely more rewarding to stick to heroic strikes.


FHB - Fossilized Hermaion Blossom

Acquired by completing Nightfall strikes, Trials matches, and Heroic strikes.


How do you get these weapons?

As you go through the CoO campaign, Brother Vance will eventually send you to complete a Heroic Adventure. Once it's completed, he will give you Lost Prophecy, Verse 1. Grind out the materials, return to Vance, and forge the first weapon. After Verse 1, Vance will offer you a choice between Verses 3, 4, and 6. Once all three are forged, more Verses will be offered. I've completed only 1 and 3 so I will update as I go with future choice sets.

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