How to Get Legend of Acrius

October 22, 2017


Step 1: Get the On the Comms Quest


  • Random Drop

  • Kill Red Legion Troops on Nessus


Step 2: Destroyer of Worlds
  • Complete Leviathan Raid
Step 3: Accept your invitation
  • Speak to  Benedict 99-40
  • Complete End the Arms Dealer Quest
    • ​300 Power Level
    • Prism and Anamolies
In order to maximum time, use this method to respawn anamolies during the strike:
 Video by: ShadowRock9
Step 4: Get the Legend of Acrius
  • Kill 25 Cabal
  • Kill 15 Cabal at close range
  • Kill multiple Cabal without reloading, 10 times
Step 5: His Highness's Seal
  • Collect Ten Emperor Seals (acquire by defeating bosses in the Leviathan Raid)
Step 6: Complete Leviathan Raid on Prestige Difficulty
  • Rewards: The Emperor's Pleasure Ornament
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