Seasons of Destiny

October 21, 2017


 Note: Concept Art, Not actually Seasonal artwork



Torch has been passed from team who made Destiny 2 to the team that is maintaining (The Live Team)

  • Live Team's goals:

    • New reasons to keep playing

    • New pursuites, rituals, and challenges.

    • And more..

    • Examples: Iron Banner, Faction Rally's, etc.

  • Expansion 1 - Winter 2017 aka Osiris DLC



  • Max level so that old/smaller clans have a chance vs only larger more active clans to dominate. Keeps everything on a more fair level.

  • Seasons have themes associated with them. They take feedback from the community for adding and adjusting things such as new emotes, rewards, etc.




  • More predictable time tables (what to expect and when)

  • Destiny 2 year 1: 4 seasons

  • Make big changes to the game

  • Sandbox tuning, new features, more content

  • Big patches to change the meta, etc.

  • Meant so you don't feel like you have to play Destiny ALL the time.

Season 2: The Dawning


  • Season 2: The Dawning will make a return shortly after the launch.

  • Ice Hockey will be enabled

  • Other Easter Eggs

  • You can have snowball fights

  • Event affects will be throughout the world, not just the social space.

  • Armor, Weapons, Shaders, and possibly emotes will come





Iron Banner


  • 1,500 YEARS worth of time played between all guardians.

  • Learned how we interacted with the loot system. Will be changes to loot such as letting us direct purchase guns via tokens and legendary shards.

  • The token economy is not always the best way for everything.

  • Unlock ornaments via gameplay vs tokens for some events in the future.

  • Heard community feedback of wanting rewards more meaningful.

  • One more Iron Banner in Season 1.

  • For Season 2, there will be an ornaments slot requiring an objective to unlock to show that you completed a limited event objective.

  • Perks and stats will be updated.

  • There will be a complimentary energy and kinetic weapon so you can have one of each.








Trials of The Nine


  • There will be ornaments as well, not shown yet but "They look really cool"

  • Updated weapons, both visual look and perks


Season 2


Faction Rally


Faction Rally Armor can be earned by just playing and repping your faction.


Dead Orbit












Clarion Call


  • When: Before end of Season 1

  • Double XP while playing activities with your Fireteam

  • Pilot: Clan collaboration required

Bright Engrams


All the emotes, and other rewards from it will be updated and changed


New Mic Drop emote



  • Fun Fact: Bungie has a recording studio that they record the emotes.

  • New transmat effects

Exotic Ships


Season 1



Season 2 - The Dawning



Season 2 Example 1



Season 2 Example 2



Exotic Sparrows


Season 1



Season 2 Example 1



Season 2 Example 2





Example 1



Example 2 - Rotating rotates solar system behind it



Example 3



Example 4 - Dawning Exclusive





  • Shaders stay season over season (Unless Bungie adjusts down the line, no plays at the moment)

  • They heard our feedback over deleting shaders in mass - On the to do list.



  • Changes in bright engrams when season changes

  • New armor with new seasons

Crucible Maps


  • When certain rituals complete special maps goes live to entire circulation - Example

  • Such as the Trials of Nine map, Raid themed map, Shores of time themed from Destiny 1, etc.

Sandbox Tuning


  • What is the sandbox? The playable space.

  • They have data on basically everything you do such as most played subclass, weapon, what bullets fired from what weapon, usage of basically everything in game.



  • Clan rank resets at Season 2

  • New perks to earn, targeted at what the game goals are (based on the Season themes)

  • Clan rewards

  •  You can change the staff/bar in the middle based on clan rewards from seasons.

  • Clan engram updates

    • Make sure loot pool updates



More Info


  • Bungie will be at Paris Games Week next week









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