Leviathan Prestige Mode Changes

October 18, 2017



The Leviathan Prestige Mode was released today and here are the changes from the Normal Mode

New changes


  • Dying loses your revive token




  • A player cannot run twice in the Gauntlet (everyone must run once)

  • Psionic projections spawn during the running phase

  • 3 Psionic Charges spawn in the walls during final 6-man running phase (down from 4 in NM)



Pleasure Gardens


  • There are now 8 dogs (2 extra, Rocks/Cave and L2)

Warbeast Paths






  • Bathers are renamed Oiled Ceremonial Bathers

  • More bathers spawn during DPS phase

  • Bathers drop an area effect on death, standing in it takes 5 psionics per second instead of 1

  • Burden of Worthiness buff after damage phase - Stand on the plate to cleanse (4 people will see symbols above Sun plate, they will have to go to the corresponding plate)




  • Meleeing a psion in the Throne Room teleports you into Shadow Realm (and teleports someone out)


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