Xur - 27 November 2015

November 27, 2015



In the Hall of the Vanguard, to the right


Exotic Armor (13 Strange Coins):


Helm of Saint-14

-Helmet, Titan (Intellect - 66)

Crest of Alpha Lupi
-Chest Armor, Hunter (Intellect - 45/Strength - 47)

Light Beyond Nemesis
-Helmet, Warlock (Intellect - 59)

Exotic Weapon (23 Strange Coins):

4th Horseman


Legacy Engram (31 Strange Coins):

Special Weapon Engram


Plasma Drive (23 Strange Coins)


Void Drive (23 Strange Coins)

Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 Strange Coin)


Three of Coins (7 Strange Coins)


Glass Needles (3 Strange Coins)


Material Exchange:


Mote of Light (2 Strange Coins)

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