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Vow of the Disciple Raid Guide

Updated: Mar 11, 2022




Acquisition Collection Exhibition Jumping Puzzle Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

Raid Requirement

  • Must complete The Witch Queen Campaign

  • Minimum recommended power level: 1530

  • Final Boss power level: 1550

  • Champions in Raid: Overload & Unstoppable

Loot Table

Deepsight Chest

There is an obtainable Deepsight Chest once a week, per account after the final boss. Use this guide to get the chest.



Champions: None

  • When you load into the raid, defeat the aspect of Savathun and the ads.

  • When debuff gets to 10x, you die

  • Stand near payload to dispel debuff

  • When the payload stops, kill the abominations to spawn Knowledge

  • One person can pick up 3 Knowledges at once.

  • Deposit the Knowledge into the payload by standing on/near it. It will start moving again when enough Knowledge has been deposited.

  • Rinse and repeat.

First Bonus Chest

Source: Cheese Forever (YT)



Champions: Unstoppable

  • 3 Obelisks. One in the front/middle of the room, one on the right, and one on the left

  • The Obelisks will fill up with orange as the encounter continues. Shooting the Obelisks (players or ads) will increase the amount of orange in the Obelisk too. When the Obelisk becomes full-on orange, you will wipe.

  • Assign 3 teams of 2. One for each Obelisk.

  • Near each Obelisk, there will be a totem that has 3 plates on it on the side that faces the Obelisk.

  • To start the encounter, shoot the shard of darkness in the center of the room.

  • Once the first wave of ads has been cleared, a symbol will appear on one totem on the top plate. This symbol will either be the Pyramid or the Traveller. This will tell you where a Taken knight will spawn.

  • Pyramid = Knight spawns on the left side, Traveller = Knight spawns on right side

  • Once the Taken knight has been killed, a symbol will appear on the middle plate of the totem that had the first symbol appear at its top. This middle symbol will correspond with a symbol above a door.

  • Have one person nearest to that door go to that door and shoot the darkness shard in the middle of the room to open the door.

  • Once the person is inside the room and has run slightly forward so that ads will spawn, the totem that both symbols had appeared on will have yet another symbol appear on its bottom plate. This symbol will either be Light or Dark. This will inform the person inside the room which Glyphkeeper to kill (there will be two of them).

  • Light = Left Glyphkeeper, Dark = Right Glyphkeeper

  • Once the Glyphkeeper is dead, another symbol will appear where it spawns, floating in the air. You must make note of this symbol. Whoever is in the room should leave and return to their Obelisk. Glyph Tracker Website

  • Do the same for all 3 Obelisks in order to obtain 3 symbols from the Glyphkeepers.

  • Once the 3 Glyphkeepers are dead, the Obelisks will await an offering.

  • On each side of the 3 sides of the Obelisk, there will be three plates with a symbol on each. Check all of these symbols. Identify the Obelisk that has all 3 of the noted symbols on it (the ones dropped by the Glyphkeepers).

  • You must now shoot the three plates with the 3 noted symbols on them on the Obelisk in quick succession. When a plate has properly been shot, it will glow slightly yellow. A good strategy to shoot all of them fast enough is to have one person look at two sides at once, shoot the two symbols on those sides, and then have another person shoot the symbol on the last side that they cannot see.

  • If you shoot the correct symbols quickly enough, the Obelisk will accept your offering, and the first phase has been complete. Repeat this two more times. (The wipe timer will reset after the correct offering has been made.)

  • If one Obelisk has already been offered to, (i.e. had all the correct symbols on it,) it will not be offered again in the successive phases


Collection: The Caretaker

Champions: None Teams: Symbols & Stun

  • Arrive at the encounter. Go to the same floor as the Caretaker. Opposite to the Caretaker will be the rally flag, and an Obelisk.

  • Behind the Obelisk, there is a door. The shards on either side of the door can be shot to open the door. Shoot one of these to start the encounter.

Symbol Team

  • Decide the order in which each of you will go into the room. (First, second, third)

  • When you are inside the room, you will begin to obtain the same debuff as in the start of the raid. (10x = Death)

  • You reduce your stacks of this debuff by being outside of the room.

  • There will be yellow-bar Taken Wizards floating around the room. Do not try to kill them; it will take too long. Try to avoid them. There will also be lots of Taken thrall that can shove you around.

  • When the encounter starts, have the first person go into the room and collect 3 Knowledge/Symbols. Remember the Symbols attached to each Knowledge that you pick up.

  • Once you have collected 3 Knowledge, ask to be let out of the room, and the second person will go in.

  • First will be asked to present their offering to the Obelisk. Shoot the symbols on the Obelisk that match the symbols that you picked up. If you need help, you can ask Third to shoot the symbols with you. You just have to make sure that the correct symbols are being shot and being shot quickly.

  • Once the correct symbols on the Obelisk have been shot, they will turn into blank plates. DPS begins after all Symbols have been replaced with blank plates.

  • SUGGESTION: Make note of the symbols on one face of the Obelisk and only pick up those. Then, when you go to shoot those symbols, they will be easy to shoot. This works well on the first floor, but not on the successive floors where the room gets larger.

  • The Second will do the same as the First, and the Third will enter the room after the Second has been let out.

  • If you don’t shoot the correct symbols, or shoot them too slowly, you can go back into the room and retrieve the symbols you picked up beforehand.

  • BEWARE: There is a time limit. The Obelisk will wipe you if you don’t make the offerings fast enough.

  • TECHNICALLY you can have as many or as few people going into the room and collecting as many symbols as they like (min 1, max 3). I just recommend having 3 people grab 3 each time because it’s faster and you have a time limit.

Stun Team

  • Have one person hug the Caretaker. When the caretaker stomps, the hugger will shoot the Caretaker’s face. Then, the coffin of his back will open, and someone needs to shoot the glowing yellow stuff inside. This will stun the boss for five seconds. It will also spawn large projectiles. These projectiles are very deadly, so it’s a good idea to destroy all of them.

  • If the boss reaches the Obelisk, it will wipe everyone.

  • It is important to do lots of ad clear as well - as the snipers, psions, and Lurkers can be deadly.


  • There will be three plates on each floor. (On the floor.)

  • When DPS starts, one of these plates will start to glow orange. It will start with the one that is currently closest to the boss. You must stand on this plate in order to damage the boss.

  • After a while, the plate will stop glowing, and the one next to it will start glowing.

  • After damaging the boss on each of the three plates, he will teleport to the floor above and a staircase will appear to the next floor. Go up to that next floor, and do the exact same thing again.

  • There are three floors for regular damage, and one extra floor for final stand. The rooms containing the symbols will become larger and more tedious with every floor. The boss will wipe you if you don’t kill it on the fourth floor.



Champions: Overload

Relic info

  • 3 relics: Darkness, VOG, Taken.

  • Darkness Relic = Removes the shields off of the Taken knights.

  • VOG Relic = Cleanses players from the start-of-the-raid debuff.

  • Taken Relic = Destroys the Taken immune balls in the third and fourth rooms.

  • When the first relic is picked up, everyone will get a debuff called Resonance (or something). When the timer on that debuff reaches 0, everyone dies.

  • In order to refresh this timer, the individual with the Darkness Relic must kill the Taken Knight, or place said Relic on a pedestal (more on this later).

  • If you drop a Relic or place it on a pedestal, you will be locked out of picking up any Relic for 30 seconds.

  • The individual with the Taken Relic must use their grenade ability to destroy the Taken immune balls, and the individual with the VOG Relic must hold the guard button to cleanse fellow guardians nearby.

Encounter info

  • The encounter is started by picking up the Darkness Relic from the pedestal in the center of the room.

  • On the left side of the room, a scorn Glyphkeeper will spawn.

  • On the right side of the room, a taken phalanx called a Resonance Glyphkeeper will spawn.

  • When the scorn is killed, it will display 3 symbols that everyone without a relic can see. When the phalanx is killed, it will display 3 symbols that only the people with a relic can see.

  • Determine which symbol is being displayed by both Glyphkeepers. This is the symbol you must shoot out of the symbols on the left and right sides of the exit door.

  • When the correct symbol on the side of the exit door has been shot, the door will open and you will enter a room with one pedestal on the left and right.

  • Place the Darkness relic on one pedestal, and have someone else pick it up. The VOG relic will appear on the other pedestal, which someone else needs to pick up. Once both relics have been picked up, the next exit door will open.

  • In this next room, you will start obtaining the start-of-the-raid debuff. There will be lots of ads too.

  • Split into two teams and have one team go to each side of the room (left/right). Have the individual with the VOG Relic rotate between sides to cleanse the two teams.

  • Taken Hobgoblins will spawn in twos. Kill these Hobgoblins, and eventually, a Glyphkeeper (scorn or phalanx) will spawn in their place. One on each side of the room.

  • Kill these Glyphkeepers and, once again, make note of the single symbol that both of their displays share.

  • The Hobgoblins will spawn again (in twos) farther on in the room, and then, once killed, more Glyphkeepers will spawn. Once again, determine the symbol that they share after killing them, and make note of it.

  • After the two Glyphkeepers have been killed, a Knight will spawn around the center of the room. In the second room, is at the bottom of the stairs before the exit door. In third room, this is on a floating platform nearer to the center. In the fourth and final room, this will be on a platform near the center of the room, protected by pillars on two sides.

  • Finally, go up to the exit door, and shoot the two noted symbols to open it.

  • Beyond that door, there will be three pedestals. Place the relics on the pedestals once more, and the Taken Relic will spawn. Pick up the relics once more, and continue on into the next room.

  • Do the same thing you just did, with the addition of the individual with the Taken Relic running around and destroying the Taken immune balls.

  • WARNING: Each successive room will be significantly larger and more annoying than the last.

  • There are four rooms in total with Glyphkeepers, including the starting room. After the final exit door has been passed through and all 3 relics have been placed back on the pedestals, the encounter will end.


Jumping Puzzle in Dominion

In this encounter, follow the platforms going up and a group of ads will spawn. Find the group of ads with a Disciple’s Centurion, kill it, and more platforms will spawn. Follow the platforms to the final boss encounter.

2nd Bonus Chest

Source: Cheese Forever (YT)


Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness

Champions: None

How the Arena is Laid Out

  • When you arrive at the encounter, the boss will be contained in a dark cocoon at the top of the stairs, floating in the air. Approach it, and he will float down and throw everyone back.

  • There is a rally flag in the middle of the side of the arena, right near the edge, that you approached from, opposite to the boss/stairs.

  • Slightly in front of the rally flag, there is a plate, (showing the blank plate symbol,) that will glow like the plates in the Third encounter. Let’s call this the Sharing Platter, for fun.

  • There is a left and a right side of the room. On each side of the room, there will be a (couple of) Pillar(s) (on right) and 3 walls. In front of each wall, there will be a miniature totem, like the one from the First encounter (but smaller). They each have a little red… tap at the bottom, in their middle.

  • We will give the little totems names. The row nearest to the Sharing Platter will be Row 1. The row after that is Row 2. The final row is Row 3. The totems will then be [SIDE] [ROW], so, for example, the totem on the left closest to the Sharing Platter will be Left 1, or L1 for short. (You can use the same call-outs as you would use for the VOG oracles in VOG’s second encounter if you are familiar with VOG.)

  • When the encounter starts, these totems will all have symbols on each of their plates. These symbols will switch up throughout the encounter, so be aware of that.

  • There will also be a transparent yellow wall preventing you from progressing too far into the arena. The goal of the encounter is to push that wall back all the way to the stairs at the back of the arena, so you can then run up the stairs and fight the boss. Details on how to do that are as follows…

Pushing the wall back

  • When the encounter starts, a curly darkness diamond will appear above the boss. This will start giving everyone the start-of-the-raid debuff very rapidly. In order to prevent everyone from dying, one person must shoot and destroy it.

  • The person who destroyed the diamond will acquire a buff called “Leeching Force”.

  • The person with the buff must then go onto the Sharing Platter. This will cause two smaller diamonds to spawn on the left and right, up in the air, near to where the big diamond was. Two other players will destroy one of the two diamonds each, which takes the buff from the first person and gives it to both of them. We will now call these people Left and Right.

  • NOTE: The two other players DO NOT have to stand on the Sharing Platter in order to shoot the diamonds and get the buff.

  • Before I can explain the roles of Left and Right, I must first inform you that…

  • After you destroy the three diamonds, the boss will teleport to the back of one section of the room. (Right, middle, left.) When he does this, it means that he is preparing to do an attack. This attack will consist of him shooting out 4 laser beams (one near the bottom, two higher up on the left and right, one even higher in line with the bottom one, so that if you link the dots, it makes a kite shape. It will only cover that one section of the room). There will be transparent yellow beams that show up in their locations before the swirly beams of death are actually launched.

  • The swirly beams of death will kill you, unless you have the Leeching Force buff. More on that below…


  • The goal of Left is to convert their Leeching Force buff into the Emanating Force buff, and dunk said buff into one of the totems.

  • In order to convert the buff, you must stand in the way of one of the boss’s swirly lasers of death. You will not die, and you will get and fresh new buff.

  • Then, you must go to the left side of the room, (if you’re not already there,) and kill the phalanx Glyphkeeper. Once it is dead, 3 symbols will appear above the second pillar on the left (the one that’s slightly further back). Only those with a buff can see these symbols.

  • Now, someone who does not have any buff must kill the scorn Glyphkeeper on the right side of the room. This will cause 3 symbols to appear above the pillar on the right. Only those without a buff can see these symbols.

  • Like in the encounter before, you must determine which symbol is present on either side.

  • Once this symbol has been determined, locate a totem that has that symbol on it, (there may be multiple,) and tell Left to dunk on that symbol.

  • NOTE: For each phase, the symbol that indicates what totem has to be dunked on should stay the same throughout. If you have to destroy the large diamond again, then more Glyphkeepers spawn and you must determine the new symbol, but this doesn’t usually happen.


  • The goal of Right is to preserve their Leeching Force buff, so that they may then use the Sharing Platter to give it to two further individuals.

  • In order to preserve this buff, you must stay alive and not be hit by the boss’s swirly beams of death.

  • Once Left has dunked their buff, Right must go back to the Sharing Platter, along with two others.

  • Do the same as you all did at the beginning, (Right stands on the Sharing Platter, two others shoot the littler diamonds,) and then just keep having the new Rights and Lefts do their jobs.

  • NOTE: If you ever run out or lose the Leeching Force buff completely, just wait for the large diamond to spawn again and destroy it once more.

Continuing (Pushing the Wall Back)

  • I SHOULD MENTION that you cannot see the symbols on the totem if you have a buff (they will just appear as blank plates). This is so that you need someone without a buff to call out where you have to dunk.

  • Throughout the encounter, there will be a metric ton of psions. They never stop coming.

  • Occasionally, a yellow-bar abomination will spawn, and just be a… mean person.

  • As the wall is pushed further back, hobgoblins will spawn near the back of the arena.

  • Once the wall has been pushed all the way back, lots of psions will spawn at the back of the arena, along with a yellow-bar abomination at the foot of the stairs. I advise that you kill these first before heading up the stairs to DPS - as they will hammer you in the back.

  • Finally, when you are up the stairs and in the new arena, you can now attempt DPS.

  • THE WAY I RECOMMEND to organize yourselves in this encounter is to have only 3 people cycle the buffs between them, 1 person calling out what totems to dunk in, and 2 just for ad clear.


  • In this new arena, there will be a little totem on each of the 4 corners of the room. Each totem will have a single symbol displayed on it. Once again, if you have a buff, you cannot see this symbol.

  • The boss will rush around the arena. Sometimes, he will drop his glaive, and it will hover by his side. One person will destroy the glaive in order to get “Leeching Force”. If you do not want this buff, then simply do not shoot the glaive.

  • In the place of the destroyed glaive, there will be a Symbol being displayed. Call out what this symbol is, and tell the person with the buff what totem has this Symbol on it.

  • The boss now has a new version of the four swirly beams of death attack. He will now shoot out his beams in four directions outwards from him, like in a plus shape, but the plus is written on the floor. Once again, the person with Leeching must convert it to Emanating, so they need to get hit by this attack.

  • The person with Emanating will then dunk their buff at this symbol, and part of the boss will start to glow yellow. Whoever’s not dunking the buff needs to shoot that part of the boss. It has quite a bit of health.

  • You do this 4 times so that 4 buffs are dunked. Then, and only then, can you DPS the boss.

  • Once the DPS phase is over, the boss will become immune and you will have to run back to the previous arena or he will kill you.

  • Rinse and repeat until he’s dead.


Complete Raid Guide

Source: Fallout Plays (YT)


Sources: Springly_Shitposting 7echArtist

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