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Vow of the Disciple Deepsight Chest

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

As you enter the pyramid, there is a totem with 3 symbols on it.


This represents which rooms you have to activate to get the hidden chest. ONLY those runes should be activated; any extras will prevent the chest from spawning. If you've done it correctly, a message pops up in the game feed (bottom left, where spawns/mechanics post messages) saying Rhulk has accepted your tribute. If you do this correctly, then you will get an extra drop from the final Boss, which is guaranteed to be a Deepsight copy of a Raid weapon. You can obtain them once per week PER ACCOUNT, not per character. The symbols only count if you actually activate them. Also, if you activate the wrong symbol, you can deactivate it by shooting it again. You know it worked if the symbol is replaced with the blank (dark O) symbol.

This only works if you do the raid in one run: leaving and coming back prevents the switches from spawning.

Two notes:

  • The symbols don't necessarily appear on the totem in order; the top one might be the furthest room.

  • The switches to open doors later in the raid vanish when you've gotten all 3 already.



It appears right after the drop-down, before the first encounter. The switch for this door is right next to the door.

Switch and Door



It appears only a few rooms before the first encounter, in a room where the main path is lined with frozen silhouettes. The Door is on the left side of the room if you're facing the main exit.

Switch and Door



This appears in the same room as the first encounter. The Switch is between the crystal sphynx's legs, and the door is in the wall just behind the sphynx.



This is after the first encounter, and a few rooms after the two statues of horses with duplicate haunches. The room has a lot of amber-carved statues, and the switch is behind a large statue above the door.



It appears at the end of the second encounter, in the boss' Final Stand hallway. The switch is on the left of the hallway, but it opens the door opposite to it, on the right side.



This is early on in the jumping puzzle, appearing in a room with a statue in an alcove between two doors. The Switch floats above the statue's head, and the door it opens is on its right side.



This occurs later in the jumping puzzle, in a room with a lot of pots throughout it. The switch appears on a ledge at the left-hand side of the room and opens the door right next to it.

Switch and Door



This occurs after the third encounter. You take the stairs on the left side when you exit the encounter area, then go to the outside edge of the area, on the other side of the pillars with carvings in them. Its where the first set of pillars is. The switch is along the outer ledge, and the door is at the back wall of this upper section, still on the left.



This is only shortly after the Guardian room. As you continue through the area, you'll get to a climbing section where enemies spawn, and there are three floors. The switch is floating against the back wall, and the door is on the right side of the top floor.


Source: EAIN

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