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This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, we pause to reflect. 

Before we talk about the game, we are going to talk about the incredibly important conversation that is taking place online and the events that lead to it. Many courageous women have come forward with stories of  harassment and abuse. There has been a lot of pain laid bare in story after story told by these survivors. 

Some of us have not experienced this pain first-hand and can’t truly understand it. Yet, there are many people in our community feeling empathy, sadness, and anger when confronted with the truly awful harassment and abuse that so many of our friends have had to endure. Sadly, this wasn’t isolated to our corner of the world and has also affected men and non-binary folks as well. In the days that followed the initial revelations, we witnessed more people who have been similarly affected coming forward. This is a bigger issue that the entire gaming industry needs to face. Together, we can take action to make the spaces we share better for everyone. 

Amidst all of this heartache, it has been inspiring to see these stories met with a wave of love, belief, and support that is turning into momentum for more change. Thank you for reaffirming that, though every community has problems, ours doesn’t shy away from confronting them and banding together to overcome them head-on. 

We have reaffirmed our commitment to enforce the standards of our code of conduct on the platforms and channels we control. We are currently working on other ways we can help combat toxicity and abuse in the gaming community. This is going to take time, but we pledge our support to help make things better.

Now, let’s talk about the game we have made, in the hopes that it might further inspire friendship.


There is a time for harmony among players and a time for honorable battle as well. The venerable Lord Saladin will see to it himself. Next week, he’ll return to the Tower for the first Iron Banner of Season of Arrivals. 

Bonus Valor will also enabled throughout the week.


The event will work similar to last Season with a few new rewards. We will be adding two reprised weapons and curating the weapon reward pool down to eight weapons.

  • Reprised Weapons

  • The Forward Path

  • The Fool’s Remedy

All weapons listed below are considered “reissued” and will have Season of Arrival Max Infusion Caps.

  • Shining Sphere

  • Swarm of the Raven

  • Talons of the Eagle

  • Bite of the Fox

  • Orewing’s Maul

  • Crimil’s Dagger

The Forward Path and The Fool’s Remedy will also be updated to have two additional perks specific to these Iron Banner weapons. Here is a look at what they do: 

  • Iron Grip - Improves weapon stability at the cost of reload speed.

  • Iron Gaze - Improves weapon target acquisition at the cost of stability.

The armor set this Season will be a reprise of the Iron Fellowship set. Here is a look at it with the new shader as well as the new emblem for this Season: 

We also want to remind players that skill-based matchmaking has been disabled in Iron Banner this Season.

Speak with Saladin after the reset and then get out there and prove your worth to the Iron Lords of the past.


On Juneteenth, we shared an article announcing our Be Heard – Black Lives Matter pin and spoke about the significance of the day. Go read it if you haven’t had the chance to yet. 

Pre-orders for the pin are now live on the Bungie Store. All profits from the sales of the Be Heard Collectible Pin & Emblem will benefit the Equal Justice Initiative (eji.org). All pre-orders will include the “Be Heard” emblem that will be emailed within 24 hours of your order.

We have already had tens of thousands of Guardians showing their support. Thank you so much for supporting this cause and showing your support in game.