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This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, we launched a whole bunch of missiles.

It’s been an action packed week. Over the weekend, we watched as Rasputin sent literal ordnance into the sky to take down the Almighty in Destiny 2’s first live in-game event. We followed that up with a mighty salvo of virtual launches in the form of media, articles, and a stream to showcase the future of Destiny. Season of Arrivals has started building a bridge to this fall, when Guardians will wield the Darkness for the first time in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Here’s the full stream in case you haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

Don’t have time to watch the full stream? Here are a couple of the first looks at Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

We’re excited about the future of Destiny. To lay the groundwork, we have to make some changes to the core game. Several less-explored locations and activities will be going into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) to pave the way for new hotness like Europa coming this fall. We lay out a lot of information on what to expect in our Building a Viable Future in Destiny 2 article. We know you have a lot more questions and we’ll have answers to share throughout the summer. 

Since Season of Arrivals acts as a prelude to Beyond Light, we have held our plans for the Season close to our chest until the reveal this week. The Pyramid ships have begun to arrive on Io and Eris is hard at work trying to decipher their intentions. She needs your help.

Oh, and did we mention there is a brand new dungeon? Prophecy is free to all players and transports you into a strange dimension to seek out the IX. It’s got some real Rainbow Road vibes too. Here’s a peek. 

The future is bright and full of new challenges to tackle. We hope to see you out there.


By the time that this TWAB is published, a few changes to Crucible matchmaking will be live. Matchmaking based on player skill has been removed from all playlists except Elimination, Survival, and Survival: Freelance. Trials of Osiris will continue to be matched based on the number of wins on your Passage. 

We are doing this to:

  • Respond to community feedback.

  • Shorten queue times for players.

  • Improve connection quality of matches.

  • Provide more places where the outcome of the match isn’t as important as enjoying the experience.

  • Play into the strengths of Crucible being a bombastic, frenetic action game.

The pursuit of Glory Points in Survival and attempting to go Flawless in Trials of Osiris will allow those playlists to reinforce that the outcome of matches are important and keep the stakes high. We want the rest of the Crucible to be less of a high-stakes environment where players can have a more relaxed experience and just enjoy the Destiny multiplayer sandbox.

We will continue to monitor feedback and game data around these changes. If we decide to make any further adjustments, we’ll let you know.   


The Destiny Dev Team has a quick update on a change we are making to the Dredgen title. 

Destiny Dev Team: Hey everyone, As you may have read here, we made some changes to the World Loot Pool. As a result, a few of the legendary weapons in the Playing for Keeps Collection badge no longer have a reward source in the game.   While we still strongly believe that gear collection is a critical part of what it means to earn and wear a title, we’re going to remove the Playing for Keeps badge from the Dredgen title requirements in an update next week. While not trivial, the badge didn’t represent the challenging portions of earning the title. We feel removing this requirement doesn’t reduce the meaning of wearing Dredgen over your head. That said, we don’t like making changes to titles as their complexity and depth is what gives them meaning, but in this case, the long-term weapon health outweighs a small change to the title.  We know you have a lot of questions about how our Destiny Content Vault announcement this week will affect other Triumphs and titles. We will have more details for you soon.  Thank you, and keep sending us feedback as we strive to make a meaningful, evolving world in Destiny.


We have a new item from Bungie Rewards available to anyone brave enough to defeat the new dungeon before the end of the season. Players who complete Prophecy will unlock an Emissary of the IX Hoodie that can be purchased from the Bungie Store

We will have be adding more Bungie Rewards during Season of Arrivals so keep an eye out. 


When new content is released, the Player Support Team is carefully watching to identify any new issues that emerge so we can get fixes in the works.

This is their report.

SEASON OF ARRIVALS AND BEYOND With the launch of Season of Arrivals on June 9, and with the announcement of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Destiny Player Support wants to make players aware of resources that are available regarding said content. This includes: