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Destiny 2: All 50 Savathun’s Eyes Locations

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How to Destroy Savathun’s Eyes

Savathun’s Eyes are big taken-like balls scattered all over Titan, Io, Mercury, and Prophecy Dungeon, and Mars. They are able to be destroyed with the new exotic trace rifle – Ruinous Effigy (similar to Taken Eggs in the Dreaming City which can be destroyed with Wish-Ender bow, these Savathun’s Eyes can also be destroyed with Ruinous Effigy). There’s also a triumph (Hive-God Optometrist) for the seasonal seal that requires you to destroy all 50 Savathun’s Eyes in Destiny 2.


Mars (1-10 Savathun’s Eyes Location)

There are a total of ten Savathun eyes on Mars.

1. Braytech Futurescape – Above Ana Bray

Head over to where Ana Bray is standing in Braytech Futurescape and look right above her at the right corner.

2. Aurora Reach – Rasputin Entrance

Go right in towards the Rasputin Entrance and right before the big Rasputin gate with blue lights, look to your left and you’ll find this eye laying there.

3. Braytech Futuresacpe – Lost Sector (Core Terminus)

This eye can be found in the lost sector – Core Terminus in Braytech Futurescape, where you fight a bunch of Hive enemies. Go to the orange room where you fight a horde of thralls, head in the middle of the room, and look at the ceiling to your right and you’ll find this eye behind the monitor.

4. Alton Dynamo

Spawn at the Glacial Drift on Mars and follow the path towards the Alton Dynamo. This is the same pathway as when you’re doing Will of the Thousands strike. When you’re in the big room with big vertical orange lights in front of you, head to your left, jump up the platform and you’ll find this eye on the ceiling.

5. Glacial Drift – Lost Sector (Ma’adim Subterrane

This one is simple. Spawn at the Glacial Drift again and go to the lost sector – Ma’adim Subterrane found on the hard right of the spawning area. Progress through the lost sector and when you’re at the boss fight, clear the ads and the boss and look to your left where there’s an opening to this cave, you’ll find this eye there.

6. Glacial Drift – Clovis Bray

This one can be found in the petrol area in the Glacial Drift. When spawning in, head to your right and make your way towards the Escalation Protocol pillar found there. Look right and you’ll see this one there.

7. Glacial Drift – Facility

This one can also be found in the patrol zone in the Glacial Drift. From spawn, head towards the left Escalation Protocol pillar right to the left of the big bridge. There, you’ll see a small room, head right in and to your left corner, you’ll find this eye.

8. Olympus Descent

Head to the Olympus Descent from Glacial Drift and you’ll find this eye on the giant ice cap.

9. Braytech Futurescape

After you spawn at the Braytech Futurescape, turn left and follow the road. You’ll this one at the corner behind this building.

10. Braytech Futurescape – Aurora Reach

Make your way to the Aurora Reach and right when you enter this area, there’s a door in front of you. Exit the door and look behind the building to your left.


Io (11-25 Savathun’s Eyes Location)

There are a total of fifteen Savathun eyes located on Io.

11. The Rupture – Near Asher Mir

Spawn in on The Rupture and look to your right. You’ll find the first eye above Asher Mir.

12. The Rupture – Lost Sector (Sanctum of Bones)

Go to the Sanctum of Bones lost sector in The Rupture and head towards the first ads area that has blue liquid on the floor. There, you’ll find the second Savathun eye.

13. The Rupture – Lost Sector (Aphix Conduit)

This one is located in the Aphix Conduit lost sector in The Rupture. Progress your way to the final boss room and you’ll see this eye at the ceiling of the area.

14. The Rupture – Vex Construct

This one can be a little tricky to find as it’s only visible if you stand at a certain spot. Make your way in The Rupture area as seen in the map below. Climb on the small cliff and you’ll see this eye above the Vex construct.

15. Lost Oasis (right)

Spawn in the Lost Oasis on Io, and climb on the big cliff to your right. Look right and you’ll find this one far away in-between the bigger cliffs.

16. Lost Oasis – Below Big Tree

This one can be found in the same patrol area. Go to the big tree found in the somewhat middle of the Lost Oasis. Right underneath the tree, you’ll find this eye of Savathun.

17. Giant Scar – Drill

Spawn in the Giant Scar and make your way to the giant drill area. You’ll find this eye inside one of the drill’s stands.

18. Terrabase Charon

Go to the Terrabase Charon from Lost Oasis and right after you enter the area, exit the tunnel and you’ll see this eye in front of you.

19. Terrabase Charon – The Wraith Mines

From the same area, go to your left and you’ll see a small door. Enter the door and follow the path. This eye can be found after the final door to the right where some Taken enemies are located.

20. Giant Scar – Excavation Site II

From Giant Scar, make your way to the second floor of the Excavation Site II. Enter the room, move a bit forward, and look above the door behind you.

21. The Whisper – Entrance

This can be found right at the beginning of the mission. When you drop down from the blight, make your way forward and you’ll see this right ahead.

22. The Whisper – First Jumping Puzzle

You’ll find this eye before the actual green room jumping puzzle. When entering this first puzzle, look to your left and this will be right there.

23. The Whisper – Jumping Puzzle (Green Room)

When you enter the green room jumping puzzle, you’ll find this right in front of you underneath the giant Pokeball.

24. The Whisper – Green Room Shortcut

This is located in the shortcut area from the green room puzzle. Head right in and you’ll see this one to your left.

25. The Whisper – Oracle Area

This final Savathun eye is found in the oracle area in The Whisper mission. It’s not located right beside the portal but rather way above it. Climb your way above the portal and you’ll find this eye stuck on a giant pillar.


Mercury (26-35 Savathun’s Eyes Location)

There are a total of ten Savathun eyes located on Mercury.

26. The Lighthouse – Right Tree

Spawn in on The Lighthouse and climb down the path and go to your right and you’ll see this one on the tree.

27. The Lighthouse – Infinite Forest Entrance

This one can be found in front of the Infinite Forest entrance on the giant statue.

28. The Lighthouse – Left Vex Construct

This one is pretty easy to find. Spawn in on The Lighthouse and go your left where a bunch of cabal enemies is located. Move forward and you’ll see a small rock ball with Vex milk around it. This eye will be located right beside the ball.

29, 30, 31, 32: The Lighthouse – Lost Sector (Pariah’s Refuge)

Head in the Pariah’s Refuge lost sector on Mercury and at the entrance where a bunch of vex enemies is located, look up at the circular wall, and you’ll see an eye there.

There are three more eyes located in this lost sector. Make your way to the next room where three statues are located in the middle. Go past these statues behind the wall for this eye.

The next two eyes are located in the final boss room. Clear the boss room and look at the ceiling, you find two eyes there.

33. The Lighthouse – Brother Vance

Head in the portal the spawn located of The Lighthouse that takes you to Brother Vance. Go pass Brother Vance to the left and you’ll see this eye at the ceiling.

34, 35: Mercury – Public Event

For the final two eyes on Mercury, you must do the Public Event. One of the first areas where you jump to, go to your left at the end of the room and you’ll see this eye behind the wall.

The last eye is in the second room of the public event. Destroy the crystals that spawn and make your way up to the top of the tower, there, you’ll find the last eye at the center above the Vex portal.


Titan (36-45 Savathun’s Eyes Location)

There are a total of ten Savathun eyes located on Titan.

36. Siren’s Watch – Near Sloane

This first eye on Titan is found near Sloane in Siren’s Watch. Enter the room where Sloane is located and you’ll see another door, go in and look to your left corner behind you.

37. Siren’s Watch – Between Two Buildings

Spawn in on Siren’s Watch and go to your left. In the end, you find a couple of Fallen enemies, clear these ads and look up, you’ll find this one in-between the two giant buildings.

38. Siren’s Watch – Near Public Event

For this eye, you need to head in the room near the Siren’s Watch public event. Make your way in the first room Hive structure all in it. In this room, you find a Hive Knight a bunch of other hive enemies. Eliminate them and look at the upper right corner of the ceiling.

39. Siren’s Watch – Lost Sector (Methane Flush)

Enter the Methane Flush lost sector in Siren’s Watch. Progress your way to the first room with enemies. Clear out the room and look up at the ceiling and you’ll find this eye hiding behind red pipes.

40. The Rig – Public Event Room

Spawn in on The Rig and enter the room where the public event happens. Clear out the ads and lookup. You’ll see this eye right beside the Hive structures.

41. The Rig – Lost Sector (DS Quarters -2)

Enter the DS Quarters -2 lost sector in The Rig and make your way to the area where you’ll fight a Hive Knight. Clear the room and right behind some boxes, you’ll see this eye.

42. The Rig – Outside Lost Sector (Cargo Bay 3)

Before the Cargo Bay, 3 lost sector entrance, over the broken metal platforms, you’ll find this eye on the upper corner.

43. The Rig – Lost Sector (Cargo Bay 3)

Make your way to the final boss room in the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector on The Rig. Clear the room and look at the ceiling behind the rectangular shade.

44. The Archeology – Festering Halls

From the Solarium, head to the right entrance which will take you to the Festering Halls. It’s a really dark area with a bunch of Hive enemies. Clear the ads, move drop-down, and look behind above the entrance.

45. The Archeology – Solarium/Arboretum

From the Solarium, go to your left entrance (Savathun’s Song) and make your way into the Arboretum. At the entrance of the pink-ish room, head left and you’ll find the final eye of Savathun on Titan above the platform.


Prophecy Dungeon (46-50 Savathun’s Eyes Location)

There are a total of five Savathun eyes located in Prophecy dungeon.

46. Golden Doors – After the first boss

After you defeat the first boss encounter, you’ll find a couple of round-shaped golden doors with a small ledge in front of them. Go the fourth door entrance to your left and you’ll find this eye in there.

47. Heaven/Hell

After you spawn in this area, hop on your sparrow and go slightly to your right until you find a giant fallen (not that Fallen) pillar hop on it and make your way up to the top. You’ll find small spaces in between this construct. You’ll find this eye in one of those gaps.

48. Hexahedron – Cube Room

In the Hexahedron room, make your way up to the top and you’ll find this eye on the L-shaped platform.

49. Rainbow Road

This one can be found on the rainbow road right where the hidden chest is located.

50. Final Boss

In the final boss room, look up where the light is coming from and you’ll find this last eye there.



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