Destiny 2: All 50 Savathun’s Eyes Locations

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How to Destroy Savathun’s Eyes

Savathun’s Eyes are big taken-like balls scattered all over Titan, Io, Mercury, and Prophecy Dungeon, and Mars. They are able to be destroyed with the new exotic trace rifle – Ruinous Effigy (similar to Taken Eggs in the Dreaming City which can be destroyed with Wish-Ender bow, these Savathun’s Eyes can also be destroyed with Ruinous Effigy). There’s also a triumph (Hive-God Optometrist) for the seasonal seal that requires you to destroy all 50 Savathun’s Eyes in Destiny 2.

Mars (1-10 Savathun’s Eyes Location)

There are a total of ten Savathun eyes on Mars.

1. Braytech Futurescape – Above Ana Bray

Head over to where Ana Bray is standing in Braytech Futurescape and look right above her at the right corner.

2. Aurora Reach – Rasputin Entrance

Go right in towards the Rasputin Entrance and right before the big Rasputin gate with blue lights, look to your left and you’ll find this eye laying there.

3. Braytech Futuresacpe – Lost Sector (Core Terminus)

This eye can be found in the lost sector – Core Terminus in Braytech Futurescape, where you fight a bunch of Hive enemies. Go to the orange room where you fight a horde of thralls, head in the middle of the room, and look at the ceiling to your right and you’ll find this eye behind the monitor.

4. Alton Dynamo

Spawn at the Glacial Drift on Mars and follow the path towards the Alton Dynamo. This is the same pathway as when you’re doing Will of the Thousands strike. When you’re in the big room with big vertical orange lights in front of you, head to your left, jump up the platform and you’ll find this eye on the ceiling.

5. Glacial Drift – Lost Sector (Ma’adim Subterrane

This one is simple. Spawn at the Glacial Drift again and go to the lost sector – Ma’adim Subterrane found on the hard right of the spawning area. Progress through the lost sector and when you’re at the boss fight, clear the ads and the boss and look to your left where there’s an opening to this cave, you’ll find this eye there.

6. Glacial Drift – Clovis Bray

This one can be found in the petrol area in the Glacial Drift. When spawning in, head to your right and make your way towards the Escalation Protocol pillar found there. Look right and you’ll see this one there.

7. Glacial Drift – Facility

This one can also be found in the patrol zone in the Glacial Drift. From spawn, head towards the left Escalation Protocol pillar right to the left of the big bridge. There, you’ll see a small room, head right in and to your left corner, you’ll find this eye.

8. Olympus Descent

Head to the Olympus Descent from Glacial Drift and you’ll find this eye on the giant ice cap.

9. Braytech Futurescape

After you spawn at the Braytech Futurescape, turn left and follow the road. You’ll this one at the corner behind this building.