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Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide









  • Must complete Beyond Light Campaign

  • Minimum recommended power level: 1230

  • Final Boss power level: 1250

  • Champions in Raid: Overload

  • Shields in raid: Arc, Void


The Deep Stone Crypt revolves around the concept of 3 different roles, known as

Augments: Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor

These roles are present in each encounter (other than Suppressor, which is only in the 3rd and 4th encounters), and function generally the same in each. When a Player is taking on a specific role, they'll have the roles' respective icon as a hologram above their shoulder.

Apart from the 1st encounter, every role can be undertaken by picking up an item dropped by an Operator Vandal, a Hacker Vandal, or a Suppressor Vandal, for Operator, Scanner, or Suppressor respectively.

In an attempt to make things more clear, I've split each encounter into roles.


The Operator is indicated by a red icon. Their main purpose is to Operate, as they can shoot various raid mechanics to trigger various effects.


The Scanner is indicated by a yellow icon. Their purpose is to Scan and determine which elements in an encounter are relevant to the team in order to succeed.


The Suppressor is indicated by a blue icon. Their purpose is to Suppress by stunning the bosses in the 3rd and 4th encounter, enabling the rest of the team to proceed with the encounters' mechanics.

Augmentation Terminals

Roles can be traded around by depositing and picking them up via Augmentation Terminals found in each encounter. Any one Augment dropped into these will be accessible by all other Terminals in the encounter, allowing other players to pick them up. The currently held Augment is visible in the Terminal itself.

In the first two encounters, Sentinel Servitors can spawn which will disable the Augmentation Terminals. Kill them to unlock them once again.

0. DESOLATION - Locate the Deep Stone Crypt

The raid starts out in Eventide Ruins. Head straight ahead, clear the ads, and proceed through the door. You will eventually enter Desolation after a small airlock. Pikes are made available, though they are not necessary.

The concept around this introductory section are heat bubbles which serve to shelter you from the blizzard. Your team must navigate between these heat bubbles to stay alive and reach the end of this area.

Standing in the blizzard grants you the Frostbite debuff, which stacks up to 10x, upon which you will be killed. Prevent this by entering the heat bubbles, granting you the Shelter from the Storm buff, and slowly removing your Frostbite stacks.

Clear the ads around each bubble as you progress. You can choose to Transmat in the center of the safe bubbles, which will send you back one checkpoint, if you need to help your teammates.

You will eventually come across some Brigs defending the final bubble, beyond which is a small airlock that opens to a series of tunnels that lead to Restricted. Continue making your way through these until you reach the entrance to the Deep Stone Crypt, take a right inside, and you will eventually reach the next encounter.

After you reach the final heat bubble turn your back to the door. Going to your left, there is a small ledge and a cubby. Entering in and jumping to your left will find you the chest.

1st Hidden Chest

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