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This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, there’s a lot going on.

We’re already into week three of Season of the Undying. The Iron Banner is up and running and we have some new things lined up for next week. Master Nightmare hunts begin next week. These will be the most difficult Nightmare hunts to date, so equip your best weapons and gear.

That’s not all. The Exotic Quest for Leviathan’s Breath will also go live for all season pass owners. Rumor has it that Banshee knows something about where to start.


The infamous Hunter known as Paul “The Big Show” Wight is stopping by our studio this weekend. He’s going to join us on stream to play some Destiny. That means that some of you will have a chance to win an Emblem. This will be a Bungie Bounty, but we are going to mix up the activities. We’ll play a few Strikes, some Vex Offensive, and then finish up with some Crucible so Big Show can pound some Warlocks into dust.

The usual rules for a Bungie Bounty apply: For Crucible, you will need to match into our game and be on the winning team. For everything PVE, you only need to match with us fight the good fight to earn the new Bungie Bounty emblem.

The last time we did a Bungie Bounty we played on Xbox. This time we will be playing on PS4.

Bungie Bounty

Platform - PS4

October 19 2PM – 4PM Pacific

PC, you are on deck. More on that later…


We have a few tweaks coming to the combat sandbox in update 2.6.1, which is currently being targeted to deploy on October 29. Here is the Destiny Dev Team to give you the details.



For a while now, Trample and Everlasting Flames have been an outlier, especially in PvP. We’ve previously done a pass to add diminishing returns to this but it’s proven to not be enough. In this update, we’ve tightened the curve a bit and split it out over PvE and PvP. This should allow Guardians to keep dunking on combatants for longer while being less oppressive against one another.

Additionally, for Striker, we’ve increased the cost of the light attack to make dashing across the map a little less forgiving. We still want this to be used as a way to run people down or dodge and be shifty, but this change should make it costly enough as to be prohibitive as a form of long distance travel. Finally, regeneration will no longer proc on melee kills while in super. The combination was just too strong and overly forgiving of strategic or positional mistakes.

Striker - Code of the Juggernaut (Bottom Path)

  • Trample:

  • Tuned the amount of Super energy returned per kill

  • Reduced amount returned possible per kill from 15% to 13% (before diminishing returns)

  • Reduced the low end of the diminishing returns from 5% to 3.25%

  • Changed the kills for the diminishing returns by splitting them out between players and combatants

  • Previously it was 15 kills. Now it is 14 combatant kills or 7 player kills (players count for 2X towards diminishing returns)

  • Cost of light attack in super increased by 50% from 2% to 3%

  • Regeneration on kill no longer procs on super kills

Dawnblade - Attunement of Flame (Bottom Path)

  • Everlasting Flames:

  • Tuned the amount of Super energy returned per kill (handled differently than Striker as this attack in an AoE)

  • Increased the low end of the diminishing returns from 0.75% to 0.95%

  • Changed the kills for the diminishing returns by splitting them out between players and combatants

  • Previously it was 30 kills. Now it is 21 combatant kills or 7 player kills (players count for 3X towards diminishing returns)


Sentinel - Code of the Protector (Top Path)

  • Ward of Dawn:

  • Armor of Light timer now correlates with the life of the Ward of Dawn

  • Particle FX move more rapidly towards the end of the Ward of Dawn's life

Nightstalker - Way of the Wraith (Middle Path)

  • Shattering Strike:

  • Fixed a bug in which Shattering Strike activation window was reduced to 3 seconds along with Truesight

  • Shattering strike last the proper 9 seconds once again

Shoulder Charge

We’ve removed a bug that allowed players to shoot immediately before activating shoulder charge, which allowed players to apply the 1-2 Punch damage buff to shoulder charge. This bug was caused by a quality of life change made for Tempest Strike. Before Shadowkeep, if player's had the sprint button configured as "hold to sprint", then they would need to be holding the sprint button while sliding in order to activate Tempest Strike. With the release of Shadowkeep, we added a small window of time where players could activate Tempest Strike after letting go of the sprint button. This change had unexpected effects on other melee abilities, so we have reverted this change until we can find a better fix for Tempest Strike.

We’re also aware of feedback about other abilities and gear not mentioned above. We have our eye on One Eyed Mask – expect a change in a future update.


Along with the sandbox changes we already mentioned, we have a preview of some of the other patch notes coming up in update 2.6.1:

  • Forsaken subclasses will display the correct super icon in the PvP HUD for the following Subclasses:

  • Thundercrash

  • Burning Maul

  • Blade Barrage

  • Spectral Blades

  • Nova Warp

  • Well of Radiance

  • Chaos Reach

  • Fixed a bug where Warlocks who wagered Weak Motes in Reckoning were incorrectly bei