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This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, the hunt is on.

Heroic Nightmare Hunts went live this week. Guardians must confront familiar foes from their past along with powerful Champions who will become more challenging over the next few weeks as the additional difficulties unlock. Keep a look out as new Nightmares emerge for the Legend and Master hunts.

That wasn’t the only event that started up this week. The Vex didn’t take too kindly to us venturing into the Black Garden. They have begun their own invasion and can be found mobilizing on the Moon. Fight off the Vex in our new six-player activity, the Vex Offensive. It’s available now for all Season Pass owners.



Earlier this week, we issued a server-side change to reduce the amount of Heavy ammo spawning in the Crucible. The change affected Control, Clash, and Supremacy. We also have Heavy ammo changes planned for 3v3 Survival in a future update. You can read the full details here.

That wasn’t the only quick reaction we made to the Crucible environment this week. We also issued a server-side change that affected matchmaking in 3v3 Survival. You can read about the change here.

Experimentation with the 3v3 Elimination game mode is ongoing in the Crucible Labs. The first settings we deployed saw Heavy ammo spawning 90 seconds into every round. Revive tokens were also enabled. There was a bug causing Heavy ammo to spawn in instantly, but we were able to get that fixed with a server change. This week, these settings were slightly adjusted. Instead of receiving revive tokens, players can revive as many times as they are able—but the revive timer grows longer each time a player goes down.

Two additional configurations will be introduced in the weeks to come. Our plan is to gather feedback on what you like the best. If you played Elimination back in D1, next week’s settings might be familiar to you.



Lord Saladin is about to make his first appearance in Season of the Undying. The great fires of the Iron Banner will burn again as Guardians face off against each other for bragging rights and new rewards.

Iron Banner and Valor Bonus

Start: 10 AM PDT on October 15

End: 10 AM PDT on October 22

This season, willing combatants have a chance to earn the new Iron Will armor set. Here is a look at what you stand to gain in battle.

The way you earn rewards in Iron Banner is changing this Season:

  • There is a new Seasonal pursuit, which must be completed prior to being able to turn in tokens to purchase packages from Lord Saladin

  • This pursuit is character based and rewards the new S8 armor set

  • Each step of the pursuit awards Iron Banner weapons or armor

  • Most of the objectives within the pursuit track progress at any point during Season of the Undying, even if you have not yet acquired the pursuit

  • Until the Seasonal pursuit has been completed, all rewards will be obtained from completing matches and bounties

  • All rewards are weapons until the Seasonal pursuit is complete

  • The existing seven bounties that offered powerful rewards have been adjusted to offer pinnacle rewards (960 Power max,) but only four are available per event

  • We are tracking a bug in which the four bounties offered as pinnacle rewards rotate each day allowing more than four to be completed during a single event

Because Iron Banner has its own version of Control, the Heavy ammo spawning changes we made early this week will not be reflected in this Iron Banner. We are planning to make this change in a future update before the next event.

Now go control those zones!



Last Saturday, the race began to complete “Garden of Salvation,” the newest Destiny 2 raid. As is tradition, players prepared the best they could and waited at the starting line to see if they could rise above the rest and finish first. We watched on as fireteams fought their way through the mysterious Black Garden. Reaching the final boss was only the beginning, as several teams all stacked up and began to try to put the pieces together and be the first to take it down. In the end, Clan Ascend emerged victorious, finishing an astonishing 2 minutes before the second team. We asked them to share a bit about their experience.

Congratulations on being World First for Garden of Salvation! Tell us a little about your clan.

Ascend: Our clan was built with the intention of going hardcore on Destiny 2’s raids! We were founded back in Forsaken, a month before “Scourge of the Past’ was about to go live.

Since then, we have been doing speed runs, World First attempts, as well as low man and low Light challenges. Our ritual was to do a lot of the previous raids under leveled while making sure we focus on executing the mechanics as smoothly as possible! We have achieved a 4th spot on “Scourge of the Past,” a 9th spot on “Crown of Sorrow” and now finally we have gotten our World First that we have been putting so much effort in together! The clan is trying to focus on a very small community that enjoys playing and interacting with each other so we can push each other further than we would have gotten before and ascend together to the top!

Practice how you play. That’s smart. What were some of your favorite moments during the raid?

Ascend: First of all, the STUNNING scenery. Honestly, this raid is so beautiful! The tether mechanic was awesome, even though it got hectic at times. Figuring out encounters together as a team is always fun, and then executing them with as little deaths as possible is just always a great time!

Anything else you would like to say as a team?

Ascend: Thanks to everyone for stopping by and giving us some love after the clear! Thanks to all the big streamers that we look up to who came to spread the love. Thanks for all the compliments that we have gotten. It's honestly still unbelievable that we have achieved this—especially because it was such a super close and intense race with Reality... And of course, thank you Bungie for making these races possible!

Congratulations to Ascend on the World First victory. We also want to congratulate all of the teams who showed up make an attempt and all of the teams who have been able to clear the raid thus far.



Need help getting the most out of your lunar excursions? Player Support has the info you need.

This is their report.


This week, we deployed Destiny 2 Hotfix to players on all platforms. This hotfix targeted an emergent issue where players participating in equipment-locked activities would not receive the Gate Lord’s Eye artifact when claiming it at Season Rank 7.

As with all updates and hotfixes, players should follow @BungieHelp on Twitter or monitor our support feed on for the latest details as soon as they are available.

DID YOU KNOW? hosts more than just a feed of support messages from Bungie. It is the landing page of our knowledgebase archive, where players can search key terms to find official documentation from Destiny Player Support. Additionally, it features a tile board of linked images which directs players to support content for immediately relevant Destiny releases.

Are you new to Destiny 2? Check out our New Player Guide and Destiny 2 Guided Support.

Jumping in for Shadowkeep? See our support resources for Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying.

Getting set up on Steam? Visit our Destiny 2 PC Guide and PC Move support pages.


In addition to the support resources above, Destiny Player Support monitors player reports on our local #Help forum and tallies the latest issues into our Known Issues thread. Listed below is a selection of issues that have been reported by players:

  • Players may encounter crashes in the Gofannon Forge.

  • “The Enhance!” EDZ quest is no longer available to veteran characters.

  • The “Exodus Black” Nessus quest cannot be reclaimed if abandoned.

  • Some players who created a new character right before October 1 will be at 0 Power when logging in. To resolve this, players will need to delete their affected character and create a new one.

  • The “Show Me What You Got” Achievement/Trophy can no longer be unlocked on characters created prior to Shadowkeep. This can only be unlocked by creating a new character and proceeding through the New Light experience.

  • The perks for Lunafaction Boots do not describe their updated functionality.

  • The “Scan Patrol” Triumph won’t gain progress if scans are completed in the Chasm area on the Moon.

Additionally, investigations are ongoing for issues reported by players attempting to perform PC migration. Since launch, we have deployed several updates to and encourage all affected players to try again. As always, players who encounter issues are encouraged to report them to our #Help forum.



Welcome back to Movie of the Week. This is our chance to highlight cool video creations from the community. What’s at stake? Winner will receive a special emblem. You like emblems. Don’t you?

Speaking of winners, here’s this week’s favorites.

Movie of the Week: Saw something weird on the Moon 2

Honorable Mention: Breath

Honorable Mention: Fly me to the moon


That’s all for this week. More Nightmare Hunts are coming up, and Iron Banner is about to begin. It’s an exciting time to be Destiny player!

Good luck on fighting back the Vex, and happy hunting with those Nightmares.

<3 Cozmo



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