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This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, WE LANDED ON THE MOON!

As with some previous historic trips to the Moon, this one saw a few issues. Our teams remained calm, worked the problem, and hunted down the bugs to restore services.

The biggest issue was caused by game databases not doing their job correctly, which threw a wrench in the machine. Please don’t blame your new friends just joining the community. This was a complex launch that included platform migrations and new ways for players to begin their journey with us. We aren’t afraid of solving tough problems and will continue to hunt down any issues that arise!



The Garden of Salvation will open to raiding parties in fewer than 48 hours. At 10 AM PDT on October 5, we will begin the race for World First (drop the ’s—it’s cleaner).

You can learn more details about the World First race here, and Bungie Rewards offers here. First, let’s go over a quick reminder of the rewards at stake.

World First Completion—Championship Belt

Completions within the first 24 Hours—24-Hour Emblem

Completions Before October 15—Raid Jacket Purchase

Completions During Season of the Undying—Raid T-Shirt Purchase

All Completions—Raid Emblem

To the Guardians brave enough to be first to venture back into the Black Garden—we salute you!



Player Support is working around the clock to support this launch. Let’s check in with what they are currently tracking.

This is their report.


This week we launched Shadowkeep, New Light, and brought Destiny 2 to Steam on PC. If you’re just now joining us on this journey, let’s get you acquainted with your player support resources.

  • This is our knowledgebase archive where players can search for support articles relevant to their needs.

  • BungieHelp on Twitter: This is where we communicate deployment times and emergent issues to players on a large scale.

  • Known Issues thread: Here, Destiny Player Support keeps a running list of the latest issues to emerge in Destiny 2 as soon as they are confirmed.

  • #Help forum: If you don’t find the info you need from any of the above resources, this is your channel to report issues. Here, Destiny Player Support and our mentors patrol to assist players with support issues.

  • Player Support Report: This is our weekly address to players in the “This Week at Bungie” blog—that you’re reading right now.

Also, if you’re new to Destiny 2 and need to get up to speed, feel free to take a look at our Destiny 2: New Player Guide.


With this week’s launch, we’ve closely monitored for player reports of issues impacting the Destiny 2 experience. Here are the top issues at the time of this writing, straight from our known issues thread:

  • Players will not receive the Gate Lord’s Eye at Season Rank 7 if they claim it in an equipment-locked activity.

  • If it has been abandoned, the completed “Essence of Anguish” quest step can be reacquired only by unlocking the Lectern of Enchantment.

  • The “In Search of Answers” quest step may not appear in a player’s inventory, even after talking with Eris. Please check the postmaster to pick up the quest and continue the campaign.

  • If the “Firewall” quest step is dismantled after completing Eris’s weekly bounty, players have to wait a week before they can obtain a new one.

  • If the “Luna’s Calling” weekly quest is deleted before collecting rewards and the bounty is reclaimed, players will have to wait a week to complete it.

  • Some players who purchase the Shadowkeep Deluxe Edition may not receive all four Season Passes, but may instead receive 1,000 Silver per unredeemed Season. Players may spend this Silver to purchase future seasons through the Seasons tab in the Director menu.

  • Players who encounter the error “problem reading game content” on Steam should ensure that they are NOT running Destiny 2 with elevated permissions (for example: do not use “Run as Administrator”). They should also make sure there is NO steam_appid.txt file in their Destiny 2 install directory.

  • Players with 300 or more friends on Steam may encounter crashes when launching Destiny 2. Players who encounter this issue can trim their friends list until they are below 300 while we investigate a fix.

  • We’re investigating ongoing reports from players regarding issues with PC migration. In the meantime, if possible, players should attempt to retry migration.

Players who encounter other issues not listed in our known issues thread should report them to the #Help forum.



What is Movie of the Week? I’m glad you asked. This is where we pick a few of our favorite videos created by the community. The winners get an emblem. Make sure you put the player names of the creators in the description of the video if you win. On to the winners!

Movie of the Week: Fan-Made Gameplay Trailer

Honorable Mention: Jumped the Hellmouth


We are in the thick of it now. Launch is behind us, and the raid is coming up next. We’re keeping it short this week after the 4,500-word mega-TWAB last week. Go explore the Moon, and try out all the new changes that arrived alongside Shadowkeep—and tell us what you think.

<3 Cozmo



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