• Chaos Reach

  • Fixed an issue in which having multiple Chaos Reach beams active at one time caused their visual effects to merge together

  • Fixed an issue to allow Chaos Reach beams to penetrate friendly Banner Shields

  • Fixed an issue in which Chaos Reach did not damage Taken Blight

  • Note: Changes to Chaos Reach Cancellation will come with Destiny 2 Update 2.1.1, scheduled for 12/4/2018

  • Nova Warp

  • Fixed an issue in which Nova Warp would sometimes fail to detonate on release.

  • Sentinel

  • Fixed an issue in which Sentinel Shields and Banner Shields would lose energy when guarding near friendly detonations (most notably Thundercrash)

  • Spectral Blades

  • Retuned the Spectral Blades Super to increase the reliability of melee attacks in PvP and to bolster the effectiveness of Super’s stealth capabilities

  • ​More information here: This Week at Bungie – 11/08/2018

  • Burning Maul

  • Decreased camera shake and screen flash on hit in an attempt to alleviate feelings of motion sickness when using the Burning Maul Super

  • Thundercrash

  • Adjusted camera during flight sequence in an attempt to alleviate feelings of motion sickness when using Thundercrash Super

Exotic Armor

  • Fixed an issue in which Ophidian Aspect was not increasing the melee range on various Warlock charged melees (Igniting Touch, Ball Lightning, Entropic Pull, Devour, and Atomic Breach)

  • Fixed an issue in which buffs granted by Lunafaction Boots would last for only 15 seconds inside Well of Radiance rather than the entire duration

  • Fixed an issue on Ursa Furiosa so that Super gain from guarding is more consistent between PvE and PvP


  • Warden’s Law

  • Replaced perks on Warden's Law that did not function properly with the weapon's archetype

  • Triple Tap replaced with Feeding Frenzy

  • Fourth Time's the Charm replaced with Zen Moment

  • Warden's Law now has bullet contrails

  • Updated the intrinsic perk text on Warden's Law to distinguish it from Aggressive Burst Sidearms

  • High-Impact Scout Rifles

  • High-Impact Scout Rifle damage increased by 1.87%

  • Dev commentary: Previously it was possible to, at VERY high resilience levels, survive three headshots from a high impact scout rifle. This change will ensure that players at any resilience level will be defeated by three headshots.

  • Note: A fix that will return High-Impact Scout Rifles to 150 RPM is planned for Destiny 2 Update 2.1.1, scheduled for 12/4/2018

  • Shotguns

  • Rapid-Fire Frame on Shotguns now increases the reload of all Shotgun shells when empty instead of just the first shell

  • Trench Barrel

  • Trench Barrel perk now deactivates after three shots

  • Trench Barrel description updated to reflect new behavior and also fix an error where it called out increased accuracy instead of increase reload speed

  • Submachine Guns

  • Slightly increased range on Submachine Guns

  • Machine Guns

  • Slightly increased accuracy on Machine Guns

Exotic Weapons

  • Prometheus Lens

  • Prometheus Lens damage increased by 10%