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Last Wish Guide

Video courtesy of Datto

Encounter 1 – Kalli: (Suggested 540+)


Activate the relevant plates to activate the safe room doors, damage Kalli and use said doors to survive the wipe mechanic.


  1. 3 pairs of symbols are shown underneath the banners around the middle of the room. Each symbol corresponds to a plate on the outer circle someone needs to stand on. The symbol is in the air above the plate.

  2. Once stood on long enough, a knight will spawn. Kill the knight to enable the safe room doors.

  3. With all symbols activated (they will disappear as they are completed), group up in the center and damage the boss.

  4. When Kalli raises her weapon (accompanied by a text notification in the left side), safe room doors open underneath her. Step in within around 10 seconds to close the door and survive the wipe mechanic.

  5. Repeat Damage > Safe room doors 2 more times for technically 3 damage phases.

  6. With all 3 sides used up, repeat the encounter from the beginning.

Strategy/Helpful Notes:

  • Spread out around the room. To be efficient every player should be on a plate. If you're playing it safe you and team up in pairs.

  • Naturally, avoid the Taken blasts on 2/3 of the plate.

  • If Kalli teleports near your plate, shoot her a few times. She should leave quickly with a few shots.

  • There is plenty of time to activate all plates as a group of 6, make sure teammates are okay before grouping in the middle.

  • EP shotgun melt + Lunafaction boots is efficient, Whisper also works but the head can be difficult to hit. Supers also do significantly well. Damage shouldn't be a problem if all members shoot the boss.

  • Each symbol activated represents a row that will have open doors. This means 2 symbols activated = one side of safe room doors for your team. Get used to these callouts, you will need them in future encounters.

First Bonus Chest:

In the right side of the first column you pass when you travel underneath the bridge. The blight teleporter is right next to it.

Video courtesy of Datto

Encounter 2 - Shuro Chi: (Suggested 540+)


Clear enemies, break Shuro Chi's shield and deal enough damage per each phase. Complete the puzzle in each oracle room and climb the structure all the way to the top.


  1. Clear waves of ads up to where Shuro Chi is stationed.

  2. Get 3 guardians to pick up the prisms, jump on the plates and form a triangle with their beams (shoot button).

  3. Damage Shuro Chi for 1/6 of her health. 3. Continue to the second section on the same floor. Break shield and damage.

  4. Enter the oracle room. Solve 3 puzzles on the wall one at a time by jumping on the relevant plates to complete the picture/symbol.

  5. Climb to the next level and repeat this for 2 more levels including 1 more puzzle section.

Strategy/Helpful Notes:

  • Nighstalker tether with Orpheus Rig is king here. Each wave tethered correctly including waves around the boss can give you your super back if done correctly.

  • The Eye of Riven Knights drop relics which will be used for multiple purposes this raid. You can use your primary, attack, grenade, and super buttons with this. In addition, if you hold this for over 10 stacks of the debuff you will die (like Greed in Spire of Stars).

  • In this encounter, you can use the super ability when holding the relic to delay the wipe mechanic when Shuro Chi raises her weapon. This is not necessary though.

  • In the puzzle rooms, designating 4 people for the puzzle and 2 for ad clear is suggested. If you step off a plate in the puzzle room, you cannot step back on the same plate again. If you accidentally get on a plate, switch with a teammate to avoid this.

  • Be aware of the orientation of the plates to the puzzle. If you orientate yourself to the puzzle every time, every plate changes position except for the middle. This combined with not being able to jump on the same plate twice in a row means you need to be aware of which plate you stood on in the last section.

  • Avoid going next to the edges of the structure around Shuro Chi before you are ready to break the shield, she can knock you up and off the structure with one ability combo.

  • Damaging with Lunafaction rifts and EP shotgun, Whisper, Sleeper, and many more are efficient Again, damage is not too much of a problem especially when someone staggers with the relics that are dropped.

Second Bonus Chest:

Enter the building, climb the tree and go through the crystal room. Once you reach a big tree, find an exit to the left. Jump on ledges on the left of the cliff face while moving forward and you'll reach a chest on the edge of the cliff.

Video courtesy of Datto

Encounter 3 - Morgeth: (Suggested 550+)


Survive waves of enemies while collecting the Taken Strength which spawn around the map, cleanse snared teammates, and use the final taken strength spawn to remove Morgeth's shield and damage him before he wipes the team at 100% strength.