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Escalation Protocol

What is Escalation Protocol? (EP)

Escalation Protocol is a player-initiated Destiny 2 activity that can only be found on Mars. Players that successfully complete all of the progressively more difficult levels of the activity will face a prestige-level boss encounter that rotates weekly.

EP can house up to 9 Players in a Patrol instance and is able to be manipulated to allow a full party of your friends join in. This is achieved by being wholesome to your fellow Guardians and sending a fellow player in the same instance, not in the your fireteam, a nice message and ask if they want to help your EP run OR if your buddies can join them, make your buddy fireteam leader and the leave in order for your buddy to get 2 of your other buddies in their team.

EP consists of 7 waves. Only waves 3, 5 and 7 hold chances at unique rewards from this activity

There are reward 'tiers' (Waves 3,5 and 7) and a Weekly rotating boss wave at Round 7 (5 bosses total). Weapons, Armour and cosmetics can be awarded in EP. Only the armour is not RNG based and is instead awarded for completion

The weapons are also on rotation, were every 4th and 5th week since EP began (May 8th, 2018), ALL 3 Weapons host RNG and can be dropped to those lucky few. On offer is an SMG - IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1, Sniper - IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1 and Shotgun - IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1. The Wave 7 boss can be farmed as many times as you wish in a week for Weapon chances.

The Armour drops in a specific order: Class item, Legs, Arms, Chest & Helmet. You will only get dupes once your set is complete. These can only be obtained by opening the Chest after successfully beating Wave 7. The chest is located at the Spire of which you go to for the final Wave of EP.

A Sparrow, Ghost and Ship is also available and can drop from ANY reward chest (3,5 or 7) and is also RNG based.

After your first clear of Round 7 (Boss Wave), you will be rewarded with an emblem which tracks your number of EP clears. A Variant for this Emblem is also available and appears in your Emblem Tab after 25 successful EP clears



Wave 3 - All from Reward Chest

  • Mars Tokens

  • Blues (Soft Cap level)

  • Legendary engram chance (Soft Cap level)

  • Sparrow Chance

  • Ghost Chance

  • Ship Chance

Wave 5 - All from Reward Chest

  • Mars Tokens

  • Blues (Soft Cap level)

  • Legendary engram chance (Soft Cap level)

  • Sparrow Chance

  • Ghost Chance

  • Ship Chance

Wave 7 (Final / Boss Wave)

  • EP exclusive Shaders (Only awarded from completion - Drops directly from the Boss)

  • Mars Tokens (From the Chest)

  • Sparrow Chance (From the Chest)

  • Ghost Chance (From the Chest)

  • Ship Chance (From the Chest)

  • Weapon Chance (Drops as an engram from the boss)

  • Completion Chest: Armour - MUST have a 'Decryted Cache Key' to open this chest

  • Emblem (First Completion only) / Emblem Variant after completion number 25

Weapon Calendar - Starting this Week Commencing until Reset

June 12th, 2018: Shotgun

June 19th, 2018: SMG

June 26th, 2018: Sniper

July 3rd, 2018: Shotgun, SMG, Sniper

July 10th, 2018: Shotugn, SMG, Sniper

Disclaimer: This table is based off the first instance of rewards for EP. May potentially mix up on each rotation. Will amend accordingly if so. Good luck!



  • Once you have all three EP weapons (so 4/4 including that initial hand cannon), the emblem tracking your collection progress (IKELOS Imperative) changes to a new one tracking your kills with IKELOS weapons (Apparatus Belli).

  • The Worldline Zero Catalyst is progressed by getting a hit with a Swing on the Level 7 boss. It is RNG and either a Crit or Damaging hit (Proof below). This progresses the Catalyst by '20%' so must be done on each EP boss over the course of 5 weeks. It is NOT progressed by 5 crits on the same boss / new instance of that Boss

Proof of the WLZ Catalyst progress

  • If you FAIL after Round 3, you have 60 seconds to restart EP. If you restart here, you start at the Round previous. So Fail at 5, start at 4, fail at 7, start at 6 etc etc

  • Linear Fusion Rifles are one of the most powerful weapons to use for EP - Proof

  • You can open the Reward chest for Armour after successfully completing Wave 7 for rewards more than once a week. This can be done via the following:

You are able to carry stacks of the'Encrypted Cache Key' (It appears in your 'Pursuits' tab). Once used, you can visit Ana to create another key using 7 Rasputin Key Fragments. You only able to create '1 key per week' using the Fragments and can only carry a MAX of 7 Fragments.

Ways to get RKFs:

  • Complete all the story missions in the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion.

  • Strikes, Heroic Strikes, Heroic Adventures, Nightfall / Prestige, Raid / Prestige and Raid Lairs.

Complete EP, Use Key, Go to Ana and make Key and complete EP wave 7 again for another armour piece. The Blue Key made DOES NOT stack so to open the chest multiple times, you must have previously stacked your Encrypted Cache Keys

  • If you don't plan on using a Key on the Wave 7 Chest this week, try to ensure you get one charged up and added to your inventory. The Blue version which is charged by completing EP Waves DOES NOT stack but once charged, the Purple version DOES stack. This means you can open the chest multiple times when you get chance

  • An ideal set up for EP is to have 1 person use the 'Tractor Cannon', a Titan using Melting point and Voidwalker Warlocks to all team up on the boss to really melt it's health. Tractor Cannon and Melting point both stack up so helps a great deal

  • Hunter Tethers are great for Orb generation to Chain supers. If you hear a Tether go off, try not to kill enemies before they get caught by it (Unless the Tether is a whiffer)

  • You can find a group for EP by using r/fireteams, the Xbox LFG function, Destiny Companion App and various LFG sites. Alternatively, jump onto Mars and message some folks there or join in one already in progress which is a big + of it being a Patrol instance

The Weapons can be FARMED. You do this with this handy trick

  • Get the boss low on HP or within the 3rd health section

  • Dependant on team set up (If you have 2/3 Voidwalkers and a Tractor Cannon you'll be fine), with around 5 seconds to go, unleash on the boss and melt their remaining health. Melting Point, Tractor Cannon followed by Nova Bombs, GGs and Hammers around 3 or 4 seconds to do the work

  • The boss needs to go down at 0.00

  • If done right, the boss goes down, drops weapons, the chest DOES NOT spawn and you revert back to Wave 6

  • Complete Wave 6 and repeat the above Melt Methods

  • This method will count for a completion on your Emblem



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