Destiny 2 Update 1.2.0

Warmind Launch

  • Warmind is now available

  • Season 3 has begun

Player Character


  • Players who own Warmind may now reach level 30 and Power level 385


  • Multi-emote is now available, and players can now configure all four emote options with player-selected emotes

  • Emotes are now stored on the Multi-Emote page of the character inventory

  • The emote collection has been removed from the Vault, as emotes are now stored on the character



  • Additional grenade charges granted by some Subclass trees or Exotic Perks now charge at the same rate as the primary grenade (was considerably slower)

Exotic Weapons – General

  • Implemented Exotic Masterwork weapons

Exotic Kinetic Weapons

  • Sweet Business

  • Increased the ammo gained when players pick up Kinetic ammo

  • Increased ammo inventory

  • Vigilance Wing

  • Recovery is set to maximum while the Last Stand perk is active

  • The Jade Rabbit

  • +20 stability

  • Rat King

  • Enhanced the total stat benefits of running with a pack

  • Benefits are front-loaded; there are now larger damage benefits when two people equip the Exotic, with slight damage increases for each additional player

  • The Rat Pack perk can now activate and stack while Rat King is stowed

  • Added HUD notification text for when the Rat Pack perk is active

  • Increased ammo inventory

  • Added full auto

  • Crimson

  • Refined damage, rate of fire, and recovery time between bursts

  • Increased ammo inventory

  • Sturm and Drang

  • Sturm

  • Increased base stability stat

  • Overcharged rounds from Drang now deal 80% bonus damage

  • Added HUD status notification and visual feedback for when the magazine is overcharged

  • Drang

  • Kills with Drang reload Sturm and add one overcharged round even if Sturm's mag is not full

  • Increased magazine size

  • Now has the Rampage perk

Exotic Energy Weapons

  • Hard Light

  • Can now be manually reloaded to change the damage type

  • Hits after its rounds bounce now deal double damage

  • Graviton Lance

  • Now fires two-round bursts

  • Increased stability

  • Reduced recoil on its final round in a burst

  • Cosmology explosion deals more damage

  • Cosmology explosion now spawns secondary Void projectiles

  • Enemies eliminated float up and back, detonating closer to their death location

  • Improved aim assist

  • Skyburner’s Oath

  • +10 aim assist

  • +30 increased handling

  • Now has the Explosive Payload perk

  • Hip fire now lobs slower-moving projectiles with tracking

  • Riskrunner

  • Now deals more damage while Arc Conductor is active

  • Enhanced Arc damage resistance to 50% while Arc Conductor is active and Riskrunner is in the player’s hands

  • Arc damage resistance is now enabled against Guardians in the Crucible

  • Arc Conductor can be activated while the weapon is stowed

  • Added Arc FX to the player while Arc Conductor is active

  • Sunshot

  • Increased damage and radius of kill explosion

  • Coldheart

  • Damage now ramps up faster

  • Reduced incoming flinch

  • Increased precision modifier to 1.4x (was 1.05x)

  • Prometheus Lens

  • Increased magazine size to 100 rounds

  • Deals more area damage and less beam damage

  • Increased precision modifier to 1.4x (was 1.05x)

  • Fighting Lion

  • Deals more blast damage and less direct hit damage

  • Increased ammo inventory

  • Increased spawn ammo

  • Kills with this weapon guarantee Energy ammo drops

Exotic Power Weapons

  • Tractor Cannon

  • Weapon damage now suppresses targets

  • Weapon damage now makes targets more susceptible to Void damage (+50%) for 10 seconds

  • D.A.R.C.I.

  • Reduced flinch

  • Reduced zoom on scope

  • Increased precision damage to locked-on targets (up to 4x)

  • Increased aim assist

  • Borealis

  • Reduced flinch

  • After breaking the shield of an enemy (a combatant or a Guardian using a Super) with the matching elemental damage type, it deals double damage for the remainder of the magazine

  • The Prospector

  • Grenades now stick to surfaces

  • Grenades now cause burn damage over time

Weapon Perks

  • Pulse Monitor

  • Now reloads 35% of the magazine (up from 17.5%)

  • Now can activate while the weapon is not equipped

  • Precision Frame

  • Fixed an issue that was causing inconsistent recoil reduction on precision-category weapons

  • The pattern is now more consistent as the weapon kicks

  • Lightweight Grenade Launchers

  • Adjusted breach-load Grenade Launchers so that they can fire sooner out of a reload, and fire sooner out of a sprint cancel

Legendary Weapons

  • Precision Hand Cannons

  • Adjusted the ADS firing animation

  • Linear Fusion Rifles

  • Increased precision damage modifier to 2.0x (was 1.5x)



  • Changes to outgoing player damage scaling vs. higher-level combatants

  • Higher-level combatants take longer to kill if you’re below their level

  • Increased the outgoing and incoming damage scaling, from capping at a 40 Power level delta to a 50 Power level delta

  • Over-level combatants continue to increase in difficulty up to 50 Power levels above the player

  • When enemies are 50 Power levels or higher above a player, they will be immune to damage

  • Over-level, immune combatants will display a “??” icon in their nameplate

  • Updated the damage dealt to combatant Energy shields from the following weapon damage types:

  • 3x damage dealt from Energy weapons of a matching damage type

  • 2x damage dealt from Energy weapons of a nonmatching damage type

  • No bonus damage from Kinetic weapons


  • Heroic strikes now feature rotating modifiers:

  • At any given time, the following will be active on the Heroic strikes playlist:

  • 1x Elemental Burn (weekly rotation)

  • 1x Advantage (daily rotation)

  • 1x Disadvantage (daily rotation)

  • In addition to the above, the baseline difficulty of Heroic strikes is boosted to be closer to Nightfall difficulty

  • Legendary Nightfall Strike Challenge Card

  • Can be obtained from Xûr (at no cost) by replacing your Rare Challenge Card

  • The Legendary tier adds additional slots for new Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Fixed an issue in which scoring did not add points for killing the bosses in the Nightfall strikes “A Garden World” and “Savathûn’s Song”

  • Fixed an issue where the Nightfall score summary was only displaying kills since last death

  • Now displays the score for entire activity completion

  • Fixed an issue in which the Unbroken Challenge completed for