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Warmind Leveling Changes Based On Current System


  • New Level Cap is 30 (Confirmed)

  • New Power Level is 380 (385 with Mods) (Confirmed)

  • Soft Cap is 340 (345 with Mods) and Medium cap is 370 (375 with Mods) (Confirmed)

  • Old raids are not increasing power level and they will be getting a buff to drops to help you get to 380 (Confirmed)



  • Prestige Eater of Worlds (EoW) 330 - Pinnacle Activity within the expansion, also designed for release in season 2

  • Spire of Stars 340 - Normal raid was at soft cap

  • Prestige Spire of Stars (SoS) 380 - Pinnacle Activity

  • Prestige Nightfall 380 - Pinnacle Activity

  • Heroic Strikes might not see an increase "free access for all players" - They might add a new higher playlist with modifiers

  • Normal Nightfall will stay the same


  • BPL means base power level. This is the power level of a guardian without mods equipped. Power level drops are based on your BPL and not your power level.

  • Soft Cap is a system that allows casual players to catch up and limit players ability to gain power from week to week. Soft Cap limits the scaling of drops when you reach a Base Power Level (BPL) of 340

  • Medium Cap is a system to further limit your ability to level up past 370. Limiting even powerful activity sources from giving max power loot.

  • Hard Cap is a system that prevents you from going any higher. Once at the hard cap, your loot will vary between max and lower power drops (assuming no mods 375-380)

Upcoming Changes From The Current System

  • When the first dlc came out the description of infusion when inspecting an armor piece changed to "The maximum Power this item can be infused to is 360." That lead us to believe it was going to be another 30 power level jump like the last DLC. Apparently they changed it to a 50 power level jump since deciding previously, based on community feedback of how easy it was to level. This also changed power level in other ways.

  • Power Level Delta is Changing from 40 to 50. If an enemy is 50 power levels higher than you, they will be immune and have ?? icon on their nameplate. Outgoing damage will be less and incoming damage will be more based on your differences in level. If you are on the same level or higher, they will still be easy to beat.

  • Also mentions energy shield damage will be changed and the introduction of another nightfall modifier.

  • Medium Cap of 370 allows to tackle endgame content without a severe under level penalty.

  • This further supports that prestige nightfall and raid will be at 380.

  • Clan engrams are nerfed. Up to 340 they will act like powerful reward engrams. After BPL 340 they will only grant 0-2 increase.

  • To combat creating new characters, one time quest rewards will be limited to the expansion soft cap it was released in. That means for sure the main quest engrams will not be powerful engrams. Does that mean the blue world quests like Mida and Sturm? It's probable but not entirely clear.

  • But when you earn them below the "soft cap for that DLC" you will receive them with a significant boost.

  • Exotic engram farming has been removed. Usually the engram would drop higher than legendaries but it's no longer the case.

Power Leveling Introduction

  • Power leveling in Warmind is important for those who want to do the prestige nightfall. However all nightfall rewards are obtainable in normal mode, except the 60,000 aura. If you want to play the game efficiently, or have plenty of spare time, then focusing on leveling and understanding it can bring enjoyment and entertainment.

  • Power Level

  • Power level is the weighted average of your weapons and armor

  • Each time you increase a weapon by 7 points, you will gain an entire power level

  • Each time you increase an armor piece by 8.4 points, you will gain an entire power level

  • Each time you increase a class item by 10.5 points, you will gain an entire power level

  • Your overall Power level is determined through an average of these factors

  • Legendary mods can increase your power level by 5 for each item

  • Mods

  • Legendary Weapon/Armor Mods do not affect your power leveling but provide 5 to your overall power level

  • Applying these for anything other than meeting the minimum requirements for an activity is basically a waste of time

  • Any power level gained by mods will not affect your ability to earn higher power gear

  • The correlation of mods to power level is that it adds to our overall power level but not your base power level

  • Base Power Level

  • BPL is the weighted average of your gear without mods

  • BPL is recognized as an integer rounded down to the nearest whole number (example: BPL 298.78 would be recognized as 298)

  • Destiny 2 drops loot based on your BPL not your overall power, which gets confusing