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How to Unlock Saint-14’s Shotgun and Emblem

How to start the quest

The quest unlocks upon finding the Lost Verse from Brother Vance and is called “Legends Lost.” Players are reporting that the Lost Verse only appears once Verse 10, currently on offer this week, is completed. However, others are not getting the Lost Verse even after completing Verse 10. Some are speculating that this is a bug while another theory is that you had to have completed all the Verses from Brother Vance last week for the Lost Verse to activate.


Complete “Signal Light” mission

The first step of the quest is to complete a mission on Mercury within the Infinite Forest called “Signal Light.” Follow along with the mission and then report back to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse.


Collect Forge weapon materials

Brother Vance will then task the player with collecting materials for the Verse. Players will need 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, and 2 Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms.

The best way to earn those Radiolarian Cultures is by completing Public Events and opening destination chests. It takes 10 Radiolarian Cultures to make one Concentrated version at Brother Vance, but there is also the chance that a Concentrated version can drop on its own. Titan is a good place to go due to its numerous chests in close proximity to each other as well as pretty frequent Public Events.

As for the Paradox Amplifiers, the Heroic Strike playlist seems to be the best place to find them. They can also drop after completing Crucible matches, but those drops appear much less frequent than at the end of a Heroic Strike. It takes 10 to create an Advanced version at Brother Vance.

Lastly, Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms are the hardest to find. They can be found by completing Heroic Strikes, playing Trials of the Nine matches, or finishing the Nightfall. Once all those materials have been collected, return to Brother Vance.


Complete “Not Even The Darkness” mission

After checking in with Brother Vance, another mission will unlock to complete. Without spoiling anything too much, you will learn more lore about Saint-14 and his fate. Plus, this quest will finally send players to that hidden room found last week. Then return to Brother Vance once again.


Forge the Perfect Paradox shotgun

From there, players can forge the Perfect Paradox shotgun. As a bonus, they will also receive a special Saint-14 emblem for completing the quest. The Perfect Paradox shotgun is similar to Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun. It fires full auto like Hawthorne’s but it also has Rampage, which buffs damage after a kill and stacks up to three times.

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