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Hawthorne and Her Clue to the Nine

Suraya Hawthorne.....What does she represent? Is her part in the Destiny Universe hidden and is there more to her character? While her in game dialogue does not give much away to her character, her name and her facial tattoo do.

First her last name Hawthorne, as it might give a clue to decifering her first name. The only thing I can really tie to her last name is the shotgun that she gives to us in game. Why does a frontier sniper give us a 12 gauge shotgun called Hawthorne's Field Forged Shotgun?

Hawthorn Firearms were imported by U.S. company Montgomery and Wards & Co. during the second half of the 20th Century. Their original point of manufacture was a company in. France called Manufrance, which operated out of the town St. Etienne. They sold one 12 gauge shotgun under the name Hawthorn, The Viking.

Onto her given name Suraya and it's relation to the nine star tattoo on her face. Suraya is an Arabic name which has a variant transcription or spelling: Thurayya. The name Thurayya means The Pleiades in Arabic which is a group of stars in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleiades are sometimes described as a tight grouping of between 7 to 9 stars, depending on the location of the mythology.

The Pleiades are named for The Seven Sisters in Greek Mythology and their two parent stars Atlas and Pleione, making nine the total for The Greeks. The name itself has uncertain etemology and could be derived from the word plein, to sail or "the sailing ones". It could also be a take on the word peleiades, "flock of doves".

Now if we follow the real world shotgun, "The Hawthorn Viking"; we can jump to Norse mythology where The Pleiades have also found a home. They refer to Freyja's Hens in place of the Seven Sisters of Greek Mythology. Freyja is a motherly figure and Goddess of Fertility, but also battle and war. She is known to be the Blessing of the Flower Garden as all flowers belong to her. The Pleiades became known as her hens, as to protect them from the fox she threw them into the Heavens, as the tale goes. Strange that in game she has an odd relationship with Cayde, who is sometimes seen with his hen.

Freyja is what we call a Psychopomp in Mythology. She is a guide to souls after their death. Other forms of Psychopomps are birds, foxes, Angel's, horses and even The Auroa Borealis. Notable Psychopomps are of course The Grim Reaper and Charon on the River Styx. Even humans have been noted as being guides to lost souls, ie Shamans.

Interestingly enough the Goddess Freyja is thought to be another form of Frigg, Odin's wife. Freyja is often depicted with her legendary golden cloak made from falcon feathers, most commonly thought to be those of Peregrin Falcons.

Who has a Peregrin Falcon as their sidekick, Suraya. Her Falcon, Louis is theorized to be the same one that is seen in the Traveler's Dream Opening Cinematic and he is the guide that draws us to safety after the destruction of the Tower at the onset to Destiny 2.

Now, Louis is a very interesting name for Suraya to have named her Falcon and several connections can be made. First, the town where the Hawthorn Viking shotgun was produced, St Eteinne has a legend connecting King Charles The Fifth to the icon of Le Loupe, or The Wolf. The name Charles is entomologically derived from the name Charlemagne.


"The legend of the origin of the name of de Wolf is practically the same in every country. According to the family tradition in Belgium, Frederick de Wolf's first known ancestor, Louis de Saint-Etienne, of the French noble family of that name, was one of King Charles the Fifth's attendants on a hunting expedition. During the chase, a wolf cub crossed the King's path; Charles threw his lance at the cub, mortally wounding it, and breaking the weapon against a tree. An enormous she-wolf, seeing her offspring wounded, rushed from the forest upon the King, who had nothing but his hunting knife to defend himself with. Louis de Saint- Etienne rushed between the wolf and the King and despatched it with his sword, thus saving the King from the danger that threatened him. As a reward the King Knighted Louis, who, from this time, was called de Loup, and was the ancestor of the noble French family of that name."

Second, famous noted astronomer, Nicolas Louis De La Caille, who studied under Cassini himself mapped most of the constellations that we know today including the stars that make up the Pleiades. He is most noted for breaking up the huge Constelation of Argo into three smaller ones; creating every star chart that we see today.

It is important to remember that Suraya in game represents a guide to our humanity. She shows up when we are at our lowest point and reminds us that we are more than our light. This woman proves that humanity can survive without light and serves as our beacon to once again find ourself.

Back to the Greek Mythology of The 7 Sisters, The Pleiades. The Lost Pleiade is most commonly noted to be Alcyone. Her myth is a little complex because it involves a lot of names but I will summarize. Morpheus, the god of dreams, tricked her by changing his appearance to be that of her lover Ceyx. Morpheus told her that Zeus had killed him because of heresy. Alcyone, grief stricken, flung herself into the sea to join him in death. The Greek Gods out of compassion for their love resurrected the pair as Halcyon birds, named after her.

The Halcyon is a bird steeped in mythology. Most notably the term "Halcyon Days" comes from their legacy. The days that the Halcyons nest are considered to be magical and sea is calmed, allowing sailors to find their way home. Halcyons have another name; they are known as Kingfishers.

The game has a Ghost shell known as The Kingfisher Shell. There also exists a Hunter cloak; Be Thy Guide. The cloak has a Belted Kingfisher on it with the flavor text; "An honored gift, given those who seek the farthest edges of maps yet written".

Now you can take everything above with a grain of salt but for this you are going to need to fasten your spinfoil hat on tight.

What if the Nine Star tattoo and her name meaning The Pleiades is a simple clue pointing to The Nine coming from The Pleiades Star Cluster. You see the myths surrounding The Pleiades always center around missing stars because of the number always was changing from culture to culture and time period as well. They were variably harder to see throughout time especially with primitive instruments so ancient cultures believed that they were lost at times.

I believe the lost Pleiades star is the Harmony's dead star, now producing no light. I believe that when Oryx attacked The Harmony and defeat was eminent they drown themselves in their Silver Lakes in a Bargain with Darkness itself; not the Hive. They ascended to a new form of being and became The Nine.

Now in modern conspiracy and mythology I believe I have discovered the real world representation of what the writers have modeled The Nine on. The Pleaides is the origin of an alien race known as The Pleiadians, the template I believe for what The Harmony/ The Nine are.

Simply, The Pleiadians are a guide race to humanity. The Aeons created life in the Galactic arms and the Pleiadians have molded humanity in an effort to enlighten us and show us that what we know is nothing compared to the reality of the truth. Humanity is blinded by a state of chaos and the Pleiadians hope to free our minds from the material. I cannot do more justice to what they are than the following video I found while reasearching. It was produced two years before the launch of Destiny and those that are as familiar with the lore as me will resonate with the message therein. It is narrated to us in the fashion of an emissary. It is best to begin at about the 4 minute mark.

The Pleiadians believe Earth to be Living Library of Light. The Hive created their charted Library of Darkness and Death on our Moon.

Addendum; if any of the above sparked your interest then I add this facet that I did not have time to further develop.

We come in contact with Suraya for the first time outside of a mine in the Edz. Now this area in game seems to be based on an area at the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This area is rich in mining of precious metals one of which is Palladium, sounds like Pleiadian.

Palladium is a member of the ultra shiny platinum metals. It shines a silvery white and is the most malleable in the family. At the exact opposite end of the spectrum in the same family of metals is the hardest, Osmium. Yes the same Osmium that the Hive Pantheon home continent was made of. Oryx, Osmium King, King of The Osmium Court and sits atop the Osmium throne.

One more facet on Palladium; it is named after Pallas, the daughter of Triton. Greek God, Athena was in a mock fight with Pallas when Zeus observing from afar sought to assist. He used his Aegis to distract Pallus while Athena trusted a spear at her, ultimately resulting in her death.

(One last thing as I have been researching more and more on The Pleiadians. Many sources on the net refer to the Leadership of The Pleiadians as "The High Council of 9")



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