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True Gaming Player Notification

To all True Members

As of today, 3-30-18, True Gaming MLG has a total count of 88 members on the Destiny franchise. We are all aware of its current state and the roadmap to bringing the game back to life. Due to the limitations on user count with clans and in the interest of maintaining an active user roster, we must find a way to prune our user base out of inactive and players whom aren't contributing to the clan’s activity. It's just unfair to those who are still pushing through these challenging times and trying to get things completed such as the weekly activities. It's our goal to maintain an active player base for the purposes of giving a more gratifying gaming experience for everyone. We believe we can accomplish this by keeping the core players and removing users from the Destiny Clan who haven't contributed recently. We're not saying we want to "unfriend" you or remove you from our social media spaces, we are saying if you don't have an interest in pursuing Destiny and the community it brings, we would like to remove your account from the Bungie-Destiny clan affiliation.

In order to determine player activity, we will start looking at player usage and contributions. Very simply put, we are collecting data weekly to see how players are contributing and if they are even active. We're not in the business of kicking people out as we have an excellent group, we just want to be able to provide a pool of people who want to play the game. We don't ask for much to give back to the clan, so this should be simple. Here's the rule:

1) If you are idle for 1 month, you will be given a notice. This is information pulled directly from bungie, where the stats and activity are recorded. There's no mistaking this information. If it says you have been inactive for 2 months on your gamertag, you have been idle. In this case you will be given a notice and your account will be removed.

2) Anything outside of 2+ Months you will be notified, and your account will be removed. We will thank you for your contribution, friendship, and memories and we will game with you on other platforms/games. If you want to return in the future for Y2 of D2, as long as there's space, we can let you back in.

Again, this isn't intended to be hostile, it's just an effort to create a live user base. If you guys have any questions on this, please let us know and communicate this to your friends in the clan. Below is a list of the people whose account are slated to be removed and are on notice.

We want to grow True Gaming MLG beyond the Destiny Franchise, so that requires people to want to play multiple games outside of destiny and we will maintain a clan roster per platform if necessary. As always, we're looking for people who want to take on these responsibilities to grow the community. It will only benefit us all. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. We're always open for questions.

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