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Destiny Update 1.1.2 - The one about Armor Masterworks

Armor Masterworks
  • Legendary Armor now has a chance to drop as a Masterwork

  • Any non-Masterwork armor may be upgraded to Masterwork for five Masterwork Cores and 20 Legendary Shards

  • Upgrading to Masterwork may rework the stat of the armor

  • Masterwork armor grants 3% damage resistance while players are in a Super state for each Masterwork armor piece equipped

  • Masterwork armor can have a different stat package (Heavy, Light, or Restorative) from the base armor piece

  • Players may rework Masterwork armor to randomly assign one of the three base packages to the armor, allowing players to reroll the stat packages on their armor piece by piece

  • Reworking Masterwork armor requires one Masterwork Core and 10 Legendary Shards

  • Like weapons, armor Masterworks have a higher drop rate from Trials of the Nine and raid activities

  • Benedict 99-40 now has a rotating stock of armor and weapons available each week

  • To unlock these items for purchase, players must complete the corresponding activity that week

  • Raid encounters drop at least one armor or weapon item

  • Note: The Castellum and Reactor Escape encounters each drop one Legendary engram per week

  • Completing a Prestige version of a raid encounter prior to normal difficulty will drop both Prestige and normal rewards while also locking the weekly rewards for each activity

  • The last encounter of raid activities has a chance to drop a new Exotic Ghost, exclusive to the Leviathan

  • Raid armor has unique mods that only function within the Leviathan

  • Raid mods can be swapped at will for the cost of one raid token

  • Existing raid armor already held in inventory will automatically have the option to equip mods

  • All raid encounters now have a chance to grant an Exotic reward

  • Prometheus Lens

  • Flame Refraction perk now generates ammo instead of pulling from reserves

  • Increased base damage

  • Lucky Pants

  • Fixed an issue where the Illegally Modded Holster perk could provide infinite ammo

  • Ophideans Aspects

  • Fixed an issue where the Cobra Totemic perk did not function properly when using weapons with the Quickdraw perk

  • I Am Alive

  • Revised perks on the Eater of Worlds Grenade Launcher to include a second trait perk: Moving Target

  • Removed the Augmented Drum and High-Velocity Rounds perks

  • Fixed an issue where grenade projectiles could remain indefinitely after being hit by Telesto in the Crucible

  • Fixed an issue where warp gates did not always function when players were completing Heroic Mercury adventures

  • Revised the description for the Heroic adventure “De-Powered” modifier to correctly state that grenade damage is decreased when the modifier is active

  • Revised the description of Heroic Mercury adventures to properly state availability

  • Players may play up to three Heroic Mercury adventures on a given day

  • Each Heroic adventure may be played once per twice-weekly reset

  • Heroic adventures are no longer automatically selected at weekly reset

  • Mercury challenges are now available during adventures

  • Fixed an issue where new characters created after the release of Curse of Osiris were not receiving the Flashpoint milestone

  • Fixed an issue where scannables for Faction Rallies were not properly appearing during Faction Rallies events

  • Trials of the Nine now properly shows requirements when the featured map requires Curse of Osiris ownership

  • Revised the Lost Sector reward throttle from 10 minutes to 5 minutes

  • Fixed an issue where players could no longer progress during the final encounter in the Tree of Probabilities Strike

  • Fixed an issue where Ikora would display a waypoint in error

  • Players in social spaces receive a notification when their Postmaster Lost and Found is full

  • Chest waypoints now properly appear when using Scout Reports on Mercury

  • Colorblind settings now apply to elements of the Gauntlet encounter of the “Leviathan” raid

  • Armor offered by Brother Vance now displays mod slots when previewed in the vendor inventory

  • Fixed an issue where players would see incorrect level-up UI when leveling up alternate characters from levels 21 through 25

  • Auto Rifles now correctly display perks when players are previewing weapons within the Vault

  • Adjusted the display order of gear sockets (mods, shaders, etc.) in the Item Details screen to be more consistent

  • Increased the dismantle timer for Masterwork Cores

  • Masterwork Weapons and Armor now display a gold border when being viewed in the Postmaster Lost and Found

  • Crucible players will be properly notified when Power Ammo is acquired from the Cave area of Radiant Cliffs

  • Reduced the amount of XP required to earn an Illuminated Engram from 160k to 120k

  • The Crossroads emblem correctly displays within Collections for players who have earned the emblem

  • Character models no longer flinch when spawning in to social spaces with spawn effects equipped

  • Updated the names of spawn effects to properly reflect their in-game appearance

  • Gold Spotlight Effect is now the Yellow Spotlight Effect

  • Blue Class Sigil Effect is now the Purple Class Sigil Effect

  • The New Monarchy helmet ornament icon now displays the correct helmet

  • The New Monarchy cloak now displays the correct imagery for female Hunters

  • Fixed an issue where the Future War Cult gauntlets would display floating geometry

  • Gunsmith engrams correctly grant weapon foundry shaders once again

  • Fixed an issue where Three of Coins was not increasing chances for Exotic rewards when players were completing public events on Mercury

  • Heroic strike completions now have a greater chance of granting Exotic rewards

  • Fixed an issue where Curse of Osiris strikes were not properly granting Clan engrams when featured as a Nightfall activity

  • Arcite-99 will now offer Gunsmith Engrams to players who have reached level 20 but have not yet completed the Red War campaign

  • Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard price reduced from 350 to 250 Bright Dust

  • Gleaming Boon of the Crucible price reduced from 750 to 600 Bright Dust

  • Fixed an issue where Challenges were not appearing within Quickplay

  • Fixed an issue where Masterwork Cores and Mod Components were not being forwarded to the Postmaster Lost and Found

  • Fixed an issue where Destiny 2 could crash when players were changing emotes quickly

  • Fixed an issue where players could not interact with vendors after fast-traveling to a social space

  • Fixed an issue where the belt on Lucky Raspberry was not properly attached to the character model

  • Fixed an issue where some Sparrow contrails could obstruct player view

  • Fixed an issue where the Get Up and Sneaky emotes could not be in the player inventory at the same time

  • Cayde now properly acknowledges player accomplishments during Mercury Flashpoint weeks when granting the Flashpoint engram, rather than asking the player about the weather on Io

  • Fixed an issue where Zavala would display the wrong text when granting players rewards from the Heroic Strike milestone

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