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How to Complete Hidden Scouting Patrol in The Farm

There’s a hidden Patrol Mission in The Farm called Scouting Patrol. Below are the steps on how you can do this:

1. Load into The Farm. (Any Character)

2. Head over to those top of the first Transmission Tower by first climbing over to this Big Wheel.

3. That getting onto the Roof beside that Wheel, you need to go through those Red/Black wires to get to the White Transmission Building.

4. After that, you need to go onto another of these Red/Black wires which will lead you to the last Transmission Building. But while you’re in the mid-way, you’ll get a Sentry Ranks x2and Vertigo Completed.

5. After getting on-top of that third Tower, you need to go back to that Wheel and just walk on it for like 5-10 seconds until you get Sentry Ranks x4.

6. After getting Sentry Rank x4, just head over to these Bonfire and Start Scouting Patrol.

7. Once you Start this Patrol, you’ll notice a Red glowing light around you. This will allow you to jump higher than you normal can.

8. Simply Jump and Activate each node (that Blue glowing thing).

This is just a timed mini-game challenge that you can play with your Fireteam members. This doesn’t reward you with anything. Just a cool little thing Bungie added to keep players busy while they’re in The Farm.




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