This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, we’re exploring a new European destination.

It’s a busy time at Bungie, and abroad. Earlier this week, our Bungie away team boarded planes and trains to travel to Köln, Germany for gamescom. They’ll be there all week spreading the news about Destiny 2 and celebrating DeeJ’s birthday.

Earlier this morning, Pacific Time anyway, we showed off some of the new fun, exploration, and adventures to be had in one of Destiny 2’s new destinations, the European Dead Zone. Devrim Kay VIII is on hand to give you a quick tour of the EDZ and to show you what to expect when you start exploring on September 6th. There will be new loot to discover, enemy forces to dispatch, Lost Sectors with hidden treasures to find, and much, much more.

Take a look for yourself.

This wasn’t the only thing we showed off this week. Under the shadow of the moon, as it hogged the spotlight from the daystar for a few hours, we put out a brand new action packed Launch Trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now. We’ll wait for you.

We’re still not done. This week we’re also shedding new and renewed light on Destiny 2’s cast of characters. First up is Cayde-6, a favorite that many of you already know and love.

Next is a mysterious renegade named Hawthorne that you’ll meet in the wild.

Ok, now we’re done… for today at least. If you want to check out some direct feed EDZ gameplay and impressions, make sure to check out all of the videos and coverage coming out of gamescom this week.

PC Beta Imminent

Only 4 more sleeps until you can play Destiny for the first time on your own personal computer. For players with early access (via pre-order or code), the ability to pre-install the Beta begins on Friday, August 25 at 10 AM Pacific Time. To pre-install, you must go to Blizzard’s Battle.net app and click the big “Install” button. If you pre-ordered at retail, take the Bungie code you got from your retailer and go to wwbungie.net/redeem to get your PC Beta early access code.

Before you jump in, you might want to take some time to get familiar with how you’ll control your Guardian and let loose your wide arsenal of weapons and abilities on any enemies foolish enough to stand in your way. To get you started early, we’ve created a quick image to show the default controls for Mouse and Keyboard on the PC.

The PC Key-mappings are customizable, so you can map them out to fit your personal play style.

In the PC Beta, you will also have text chat available for sending tactical callouts and witty banter to other players in your Fireteam(/f). You can even whisper(/w) “why does Kyle keeping falling off the edge” or “hey, come run Inverted Spire with me!” to someone on your friends list. There are multiple text chat visual modes you can cycle through(T). After beta, but in time for launch, we plan on adding a Team channel (similar to team voice chat) and the ability to whisper to Clan members.

This Beta is a Test! We will learn a lot to help support the full PC release on October 24. We want to know what you think! We have a Feedback Forum set up and ready. If you think you might have found a bug, let us know in our Game Issues forum. Thank you for helping test the PC game and our servers!

PAX Facts

In the Destiny 2 PC Beta, our mission will be to make final preparations for launch. We still need able-equipped Guardians on the PC to help!

Starting on Friday, September 1, we’ll be taking over the Paramount Theatre to bring Destiny 2 to PAX West. We have a whole lot of fun planned for everyone who attends, and this will be your last chance to play Destiny 2 early before we push it out to everyone on September 6. All you need is a PAX badge and you’re good to go.

Balcony seating is reserved for panel discussions. We aren’t revealing big Destiny 2 news, but we do have some fun topics to discuss for those looking to get insight from our studio and the community we serve.

Noon – FRIDAY – September 1

Leading the Destiny Community

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