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This Week at Bungie

This week at Bungie, we’re ready to board our flights for E3.

This will be short and sweet, because we’re busy preparing for our next mission. The away team is being trained to staff the playable attractions. We’re packing our bags full of branded apparel and answers to the questions you’ve been asking us since the gameplay reveal, where hundreds of players got their first taste of Destiny 2 action.

Next week, thousands of Guardians will take a step into our new worlds. If you’ll be one of them, you’ll have a chance to lay hands on a controller connected to a PS4 Pro in the Activision booth (#1001) and the PlayStation booth (#4322). If you’d rather see it on PC, we’ll also be in NVIDIA’s booth (#5230) in the West Hall.

If you’ll be watching E3 from the virtual perimeter, we’ll want to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. Our man in the crowd will be Cozmo23. He’ll be walking the beat to capture all the special moments as players come into contact with their favorite new Guardian for the first time. Everything he shares will be tagged with #D2E3.

Follow up and follow along. We’ll have announcements to make, interviews to highlight, and many encounters with people from our community to immortalize.


Save the Date

Our roadmap for the launch of Destiny 2 is marked with many awesome moments and amazing destinations. If you’re a Seattle local, or the sort of person that likes to travel to meet new and interesting people, here’s one engagement we can put on your calendar:

We’ll be at PAX West 2017! Last year was the first time we brought Destiny to PAX. This year, we’re going bigger.

We love PAX. We’ve been going since before it was cool. We’re kidding! It's always been cool, but we remember when it fit into one building.

This year, we’ll have a building of our very own – a whole theater, even – and it will be open to anyone who has a PAX Badge. This unique gathering of players is in our own backyard, so it gives many of us at Bungie a chance to meet the people who fill our games with the most important ingredient. In the final days before Destiny 2 launches, we'll celebrate the community that has helped us to create a world worthy of a sequel.

We’ll tell you more about what you’ll be able to expect from us later. With tickets on sale, we want you to be equipped with the knowledge that this year will be a special time to be a Destiny fan at PAX West.


Bungie Bureau of Investigations

When you can’t play Destiny, a team of troubleshooters rushes to your aid. If you file a report, they launch an investigation.

This is their report.

Activity Statistics

Last week, missing Activity Statistics from the month of May were restored to Game stats from activites completed during the restoration process may have experienced a short delay in appearing, but are now available. If you encounter any further issues where stats are not displaying on, please post a report to the #Help forum.

Trials of Osiris: Erroneous Losses

We are actively investigating an issue where players are being granted a loss on their Trials of Osiris Passage when they actually won the match. This may appear to players as a loss being recorded on the passage, or your Mercy of Osiris Boon being used.

To aid in our investigation, we’re asking any players that are impacted by this issue to post a report to the #Help forum with the following information:

  • A description of what happened

  • Did this issue occur when leaving the match before the PGCR Screen?

  • Were you granted post game reputation or rewards immediately after the loss, or did you experience any latency in receiving your rewards?

  • Were you ever credited with winning the match, even after receiving a Loss on your Passage?

  • A link to your PGCR

  • This may be found under the My Legend tab, when viewing Stats

  • Please provide a link to the specific game where you were granted a Loss on your Passage

  • If possible, a Video of the issue occurring

We will provide updates on our investigation through @BungieHelp on Twitter when additional information is available.


Taking Name and Kicking Emblems

Next week, he’s a photojournalist immortalizing an industry-defining event. This week, he’s doing that thing where he immortalizes any one of you. Let’s check in with your community manager.

Cozmo: The next Bungie Bounty has been placed on TheGeekChic who is hiding somewhere in New York. Your job is to find her and win a Crucible match. Here is the when and where.

Bungie Bounty: TheGeekChic

Region: New York

When: 10 AM Pacific 6/14/17

Console: PS4

Playlist: Clash

If you match with TheGeekChic and emerge victorious, you will find a shiny new Sign of Opposing Will in your Emblem Collection sometime the following week. If you have any other questions check out our Bungie Bounty FAQ.

Cozmo: We had a strong showing of movies. Our three top picks are all fantastic and definitely worth a watch. We have some singing, some dancing, and even some community leaders who fancy themselves comedians. What they all have in common is that they will be receiving this special Emblem. Would you like a shot at winning? Submit your video to the Creations page and we’ll give it a look. Now let’s celebrate the winners.

Movie of the Week: Destiny 2 PvP In A Nutshell

Honorable Mention: Thorn feat. The Fates

Honorable Mention: Destiny 娯楽2


Here we go again. It’s my fifth E3. I’m slightly less terrified than the first, but it still feels like a gathering storm. Can’t wait to enter the maze again and see who’s there.

There’s more to look forward to. Urk is putting the finishing touches on the next Bungie Podcast. Cozmo and I have tickets to GuardianCon. The hits will keep on coming. As we mentioned up above, we’re not done plotting waypoints on the map. We have a lot more people to meet before it’s time to launch this rocket. As we hammer divots into its hull, we hope we’ll have the chance to meet you somewhere along the journey.

Even if it’s in the BETA!

DeeJ, out.



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