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Trials of Osiris - 19MAY17

Trials of Osiris Map: Exodus Blue


Trials of Osiris Bounties

  • Focused - Complete a single Trials of Osiris ticket.

  • His Eye Upon You - Complete Trials matches and defeat opposing Guardians. Fireteam members share progress. This bounty may be completed daily.

  • Physician - Defeat 5 opposing Guardians while both your teammates are aliacve.

  • Teamwork - Earn 75 points in Trials by round wins (+3), losses (+1), and ties (+1). As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 3 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.

  • Ticket To Fight - Revive 5 teammates in the Trials of Osiris.

  • Valor's Reward - Win 2 consecutive rounds in the Trials of Osiris


Trials Passage

  • Grants you access to Trials of Osiris

  • A passage costs 500 glimmer.

  • A Trials Passage always costs 500 glimmer, regardless if the card is completed or not.

Special Note: You can now purchase Passage Coins or exchange them for Motes of Light. You can purchase these from Brother Vance in the Reef. See below for the exchange rate:

  • 1 Passage Coin cost 1 Mote of Light

  • 1 Mote of Light cost 3 Passage Coins


Buffs To access the buffs, hit Triangle // Y on your controller while hovered over the Trials Passage Card from your Inventory Screen.

  • Favor of Osiris - Start Trials of Osiris with a Win. Must be purchased before your first match.

  • Mercy of Osiris - Your first loss is forgiven. Must be purchased before your first match

  • Boldness - Winning your first match awards a bonus win. Must be purchased before your first match.

Buff Information

  • Buffs are NOT shared between fireteam members. Each member will need to purchase their own.

  • If you purchase the Mercy of Osiris and lose while the Mercy of Osiris was active, finish with 9 Wins/0 Loss with 1 actual loss, it will count as a Flawless victory.

  • All buffs must be purchased before the first match.


Flawless Victory Information

  • If you win 9 times without any losses, you get access to The Lighthouse in Mercury.

  • If you get flawless victory multiple times on the same character, the chest on Mercury will not contain any loot after the first time.

  • Using the Mercy of Osiris does not prevent you from a flawless victory.


The Lighthouse Information

  • You get access to a chest that gives you sweet loot.

  • Returning to Orbit will allow you to return to The Lighthouse.


Trials of Osiris Loot A single legendary item is a guarantee upon a Gold Tier Package rewards.

  • 5 Wins - Random Armor

  • 7 Wins - Random Weapon

  • Gold Package - Pariah Gear

  • Rise of Iron 9+ win emblem - Vigilant Disciple (random drop after Flawless run)


Possible Rewards


The Lighthouse Chest Loot A single legendary weapon is a guarantee upon Lighthouse

  • Solar Labor Emblem (Guaranteed)

  • Exotic Gear (Possibility)

  • Vision Stone (Adept) Auto Rifle (Possibility)

  • Burning Eye (Adept) Scout Rifle (Possibility)

  • Blind Perdition (Adept) Pulse Rifle (Possibility)

  • Exile's Student (Adept) Hand Cannon (Possibility)

  • Scarab's Vigil Helm (Titan) (Possibility)

  • Scarab's Vigil Gauntlets (Titan) (Possibility)

  • Scarab's Vigil Plate (Titan) (Possibility)

  • Scarab's Vigil Greaves (Titan) (Possibility)

  • Scarab's Vigil Mark (Titan) (Possibility)

  • Cobra's Vigil Hood (Warlock) (Possibility)

  • Cobra's Vigil Gloves (Warlock) (Possibility)

  • Cobra's Vigil Robes (Warlock) (Possibility)

  • Cobra's Vigil Steps (Warlock) (Possibility)

  • Cobra's Vigil Bond (Warlock) (Possibility)

  • Lion's Vigil Mask (Hunter) (Possibility)

  • Lion's Vigil Grips (Hunter) (Possibility)

  • Lion's Vigil Vest (Hunter) (Possibility)

  • Lion's Vigil Strides (Hunter) (Possibility)

  • Lion's Vigil Cloack (Hunter) (Possibility)

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