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Destiny 2: What we know as of today



Origin Zavala and the City

Homecoming (1st Destiny 2 Mission)

Destiny 2 Reveal ViDoc

New Worlds ViDoc

Social Features ViDoc

Full Reveal



Destiny 2 Vision

  • A world that pulls you in

  • Amazing things to do

  • Always someone to play with



First mission, Homecoming, is a Cabal attack on the tower. Guardians lose, the Cabal place a mechanism on the Traveler which instantly takes all the light from the Guardians. Their powers are lost, the tower is destroyed, and Destiny 2 is all about recovering what was lost. Cabal leader Dominus Ghaul believes the Traveler made a mistake in giving the light to us. Wants to take it for the Cabal and make a newer, better, Guardian. Need to recover the three members of the Vanguard: Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, and Commander Zavala



  • All new "Red Legion" campaign

  • New Strike: "Invereted Spire"

  • New Raid



  • Weapons slots have been redesigned. Kinetic slot, energy slot, power slot. Power slot is reserved for: Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Kinetic Rifles, etc. Any weapon (even the same weapon) can be placed in kinetic and energy slot, to give the player more freedom and choice to use the weapons they love.

  • New classes: Warlock - Dawnblade, Titan - Sentinel, Hunter - Arcstrider

  • Old subclasses return but have been completely re-done



  • New map system, showing the locations and timing of events (such as Public Events)

  • Can launch any activity from wherever you are. No need to go to Orbit

  • Four brand new worlds: Earth, Titan, Io, Nessus

  • Exploring the world (Patrols) completely re-done. Still are materials to gather, chests to find, and Public Events to participate in

  • Added "Heroic Objectives" to Public Events

  • Adventures with treasure maps to follow

  • "Lost Sectors", mysterious locations marked on your map, with bosses inside and treasure cache upon killing the boss

  • One of the first areas to explore, "European Deadzone"

  • Titan is a moon of Saturn with 40 meter high waves of methane. Structures built over the methane ocean during the Golen Age. Where Commander Zavala has gone to heal his wounds

  • Nessus is a Vex occupied planetoid. Where Cayde-6 is residing

  • Io is a sulfuric moon of Jupitar. The last place the Traveler touched before disappearing. Sacred place to Guardians and Warlocks. Where Ikora has fled



  • All PvP activities to be 4 v 4

  • New HUD displays information about enemies: if their supers are ready, if they have power ammo, etc

  • New maps

  • New modes, including "Countdown", the first Attack/Defense mode in Destiny

  • Titan Skating is Gone.

  • Lightening grenades take longer to activate *Revives: Every player gets one revive "point" at round start. You lose your revive point on death or reviving someone.

  • 10 seconds before you can be revived after death

  • In this builds playable subclasses, there was no blink

  • If you take damage while reviving or pulling a crate you get interrupted and have to do it again.

  • No 1 hit abilities. Only 1 hits are from supers and power weapon ammo

  • (NOT CONFIRMED) Snipers can 1 Body Shot. Not low impact snipers tho

  • The 3 nades/ jumps are all the same. 4 perks that can't be changed. 4 locked perks

  • Titan smash (Fist of Havoc) acts like a roaming super now. You can run around and smash multiple times

  • Golden Gun now has 6 Shots

  • Weapon Mods!!!!

  • Explosive Throwing Knifes!

  • Gunslinger and Warlock now have 'Dash' ability (Like shadestep)

  • There's a new HC which creates sunspots after you get a kill with it!

  • There's an auto rifle with Really really high Hip fire accuracy and automatically loads picked up ammo!

  • There's a 3rd ability for all classes, For strikers there's a small shield.

  • If you're just short of a ledge your guardian will clamber up so you make it

  • Submachine Guns are very useful. Fun to use at close range with devastating effect.

  • artifacts have been removed. In that slot there's an image of a lock with text that says "Clan Badge"

  • 3 melee punches to kill an enemy in PvP

  • Shotguns/Rockets/Snipers are all power weapons. You don't ever spawn in with ammo for them. Secondary is weak sidearm/smg/fusion

  • Heavy ammo only for the one who opened the chest

  • Maps now have name of key locations pop up on screen when you are close

  • New HUD at top shows life and super status of all players.

  • Ammo drops for one-shot weapons (shotty, sniper) will be for one player only.

  • Warlock surfing is gone.


Social Features

  • Clans will finally be coming to Destiny

  • Clans can create rosters, tools for building fireteams, mottos, and custom banners

  • Clans will have progression and rewards

  • Reward system to be shared by all members of a clan.

  • Acknowledge the fact that matchmaking system (no in game LFG) prevented many players (50%) of enjoying end game content

  • Introducing "Guided Games", a system where solo players can pick a clan to temporarily join to complete activities

  • Clans can use this feature when they need one or more players to complete an activity (such as Raid)

  • If solo players liked the Clan, can join for future activities together BETA starts later in the summer PC Version of Destiny 2 to be available on (Blizzard App)




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