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Net Neutrality Under Attack

Recently, the FCC announced its proposed rollback of net neutrality rules. Are you thinking, that isn't going to affect me at all? PLEASE THINK AGAIN!!

Please read carefully.

Removing Net Neutrality allows ISPs (your internet provider) to charge for services they don't actually provide. Data is data, it doesn't cost them any more to move bits for Netflix than it does for their own service, but they can charge the end user for the privilege of accessing services outside of the ISP's 'network'.

With Net Neutrality they can't because they have to treat every bit equally regardless of where it's headed or where it is coming from.

If Net Neutrality is rolled back. The ISPs can charge you extra for Streaming Movies, VoIP, Facebook, Music, Gaming and many others. A charge for each service you use!!

If you actually care email ( or call your Senators and House Reps, tell them to oppose Ajit Pai's reconfirmation.

#gaming #net #destiny

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