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Age of Triumph Questline

Step 1: Complete 5 Heroic Story Missions in the Story Playlist

Step 2: Complete 3 Patrol Missions on Each Destination

Step 3: Kill 3 Court of Oryx Enemies Summoned by a Antiquated Rune / Perfected Champions in Archon’s Forge

Step 4: Visit the Speaker in the Tower

Step 5: Complete 3 Heroic Strikes

Step 6: Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike

Step 7: Complete a Challenge of the Elders

Step 8: Complete 2 Crucible Bounties from Lord Shaxx

Step 9: Return to the Speaker in the Tower

Step 10: Complete the Weekly Featured Raid

Step 11: Return to the Speaker in the Tower

For completing this quest you will receive a 400LL Age of Triumph Class Item for your character which goes perfectly with the Eververse set of armour.

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