Age of Triumph (Update)

Release Trailer

Release date is March 28, 2017. This is the last event for all of Destiny 1.


  • Light level is not increasing.

  • Vault space is not increasing.

  • Twilight Garrison will take Shaders.

  • Class items will be given through the quest from the Speaker.

  • Health Regen perks have been adjusted.

  • Blink got a buff to recovery and the time the hud is gone has been reduced.

  • Skorri now requires a kill to start and will run for a minute or until another kill.

  • Vendor reset will become weekly.

General Images


  • AR weapons have gained a boost to damage.

  • Suros Regime has a second ornament that looks similar to the original scheme.

  • Truth now has the highest reload and can carry one more round in the reserve.

  • No land beyond changes. New ornament. Now acts more like a sniper rifle.

  • Sidearms will no longer stack ammo.

  • Handcannons have decreased range by 3 meters.

  • Special Ammo now automatically reloads from a crate.

​ Age of Triumph Armor

  • Obtainable from the Treasure of Ages.


  • The Speaker will have a 12 step Quest that will require completion various activities.

  • Shaxx will carry two bounties

  • Weekly Crucible playlist will grant one Treasure of Ages per week.

  • It appears factions will now carry engrams for their armor.


  • Eververse items have now been packed into Treasure of Ages boxes. One box costs 200 silver. The Box includes new ornaments, ships, shaders, gear. The box will also include all armor from other treasure boxes.

  • New ornaments from Treasure of Ages include: No Land Beyond, Suros Regime, Vex Mythoclast, Nechrochasm, Touch of Malice, Dragons Breath, and Lord of Wolves.

  • Silver Dust Collection has expanded and includes SRL shaders/emblems, Dawning gear, and new engrams for the different Faction armor.

  • Kiosk Prices:

  • ​Faction Engrams - 5 Silver Dust

  • Exotic Ornaments - 25 Silver Dust

  • Emotes - 35 Silver Dust


  • All of the Destiny story missions have been sorted into 1 of 10 categories Two of those categories will be featured in the Weekly Playlist. Missions are higher level and have modifiers. You can earn up to 100 legendary marks and 1 Treasure of Ages a week.

  • Siva Heroic Strikes are the same but can give 1 Treasure of Ages a week.

  • Nightfalls are the same. However, once every four weeks there will be a modifier called Daybreak. It increases difficulty and increases charge rate of all abilities. There will be a string of 6 weeks with Daybreak in July.

  • Blue flames will also appear on your Guardians head after completing the nightfall.

  • Challenge of the Elders is the same but higher difficulty.​

  • No plans have been made for Skolas.


  • All Raids are being brought up to light level 390.

  • Featured Raid will feature 1 of 4 raids each week and will activate all challenges while also giving more loot.

  • ​Ornament Tokens will be earned from the Featured Weekly Raids. Tokens can be used on all Raid armor pieces.