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Xur - 02DEC16

Location: Vanguard Hall..


Exotic Armor 350LL (13 Strange Coins): Peregrine Greaves -Leg Armor, Titan (Discipline 52 / Strength 49) Crest of Alpha Lupi -Chest Armor, Hunter (111 Intellect) Voidfang Vestments -Chest Armor, Warlock (58 Discipline / 54 Strength)


Exotic Weapon 350LL (23 Strange Coins): 4th Horseman -Shotgun


Exotic Legacy Engram (29 Strange Coins): Helmet Engram Note: These Legacy engrams, they will decrypt to 160 Light Level.


Curios: Not a Toy (Zhalo Supercell Ornament) (25 Silver Dust) Silver Bullet (Nemesis Star Ornament) (25 Silver Dust) "Emerald Coil" Drive (23 Strange Coins) Plasma Drive (23 Strange Coins) Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 Strange Coin) Three of Coins (7 Strange Coins) Glass Needles (3 Strange Coins)


#destiny #xur

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