Update 1.5/Survival


Xbox One and PC servers will shutdown for maintenance on Tuesday, November 22nd at

  • 09:30 AM CET

  • 03:30 AM EST

  • 12:30 AM PST

» Worldtime to deploy Update 1.5 and Survival. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. The patch will be available for download around 10:00 AM CET / 04:00 AM EST / 01:00 AM PST and will be between 7gb to 9gb in size. The Survival DLC will be available for purchase on November 22nd shortly after midnight local time on Xbox One and at 10:00 AM CET / 04:00 AM EST / 01:00 AM PST for Uplay and Steam. Season Pass owners on Xbox One will need to manually activate the DLC through the ingame store by clicking on "Purchase". More information regarding the PS4 release of Update 1.5 will follow soon. » Source

Patch Notes Survival Please note that you must own the Survival DLC to gain access to this content. This is available on Nov 22 for Xbox One and PC and December 20 for PS4. Survival mode enabled Cold, sick, hungry, stripped of gear, and beset by a brutal snowstorm, you must survive until extracting safely in the Dark Zone. Finding supplies, warm clothes and survival equipment will be vital to your success. However the environment is not the only danger; other agents and deadly Hunters will prove the biggest challenges to your survival.

  • Survival is a game mode offering a more hardcore experience with survival mechanics and permanent death.

  • The game mode hosts 24 players and takes place in a modified version of Manhattan, reusing the whole open world.

  • The game mode is session based, with one game lasting up to 2 hours.

UPDATE 1.5 The following content, changes, and bug fixes are available to Xbox One and PC players on November 22, and slightly later on PS4. Game changes

  • Added World Tier 5 bracket (224+ GS)

  • Enemy NPCs are level 34.

  • Maximum Gear Score raised to 256.

  • Heroic Incursions are now available in Tier 5 only.

  • Named Gear items have been implemented in the game. One piece is available for each Gear Slot and each one comes with a unique Talent. Named Gear items can only be acquired in World Tier 5 or in Survival game mode.

  • [Mask] Ferro’s oxygen mask: Players can move and shoot while under burn status effect.

  • [Knee Pads] Shortbow championship pads: Grenades have shortened fuse timer.

  • [Holster] Colonel Bliss’ holster: Powerful improvements for sidearms.

  • [Gloves] Skulls MC gloves: Increased damage when no gear set bonuses are active.

  • [Chestpiece] Barrett’s bulletproof: Powerful bonuses when skills are on cooldown.

  • [Backpack] NinjaBike messenger bag: Less DZ loot and DZ XP lost when dying in the Dark Zone.

  • Enemy Armor Damage now functions in PVP: damage calculation in PvP ignores a percentage of the target’s armor equal to one third of the shooter’s Enemy Armor Damage.

  • Stagger now functions in PvP: high-stagger weapons (Shotguns and Marksman rifles primarily) will now cause the target’s aim to flinch.

  • Tactical Advance: This talent will now provide a maximum of 30% damage increase.

  • Stash size has been increased from 70 to 150 total items.

Loot, rewards & vendors

  • NPCs now have chances to drop crafting materials. Chances to drop higher quality increases with World Tiers.

  • Season Pass Open World Supply Drops will now scale with World Tier. Opening a supply drop in World Tier 1 will reward with Gear Score 163, 182 in World Tier 2, etc.

  • Items in the Scavenger crate in the Base of Operations will now scale with World Tier.

  • Vendors will now scale to player’s Gear Score, independently from the World Tier they’re in. This means that the Gear Score and currency value of goods they sell will adapt to the player’s Gear Score.

  • We have adjusted the Credits and Phoenix Credits rewards for Main Missions, High Value Targets and Incursions to better scale with World Tier. This results in an overall increase starting from World Tier 4 and above.

  • Modified rewards from completing weekly assignments:

  • Moved 30 Phoenix Credits from the weekly assignment reward to put them inside the weekly assignment cache (the total amount is still the same)

  • Added one extra High-End Mod inside the weekly assignment cache

Weapons Talents

  • Swift: Reload Speed bonus has been increased from 15% to 25%.

  • Provident: This talent has been removed from World Tier 5 and will not roll or be available in recalibration for Gear Score 256 weapons.

  • Hurried, Focused and Disciplined are no longer exclusive to PP19, G36 and SVDs.

All Weapon types

  • Hip fire now has stronger recoil than aiming down sights. The strength of this effect varies between weapon types. From most impacted to least impacted: Marksman Rifles, LMGs, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols.

  • SMG

  • Vector 45 ACP & First Wave Vector 45 ACP: base magazine size increased to 25.

  • MP7: base damage increased by 9%.

  • LMG

  • Damage to targets out of cover bonus has been slightly reduced for all LMGs of Gear Score 256.

  • M60: base damage reduced by 3%.

  • M60 & M249 now take longer to reach full accuracy when fired.

  • Hungry Hog: base damage reduced by 13%, to prevent a scaling overlap with the implementation of World Tier 5.

  • Shotguns

  • Lowered the strength of aim assist for Shotguns.

  • Lowered the effect of accuracy on Shotguns.

  • Headshot base bonus reduced from 80% to 60%.

  • Showstopper: Accuracy while in cover has been reduced.

  • M870: base damage reduced by 12%.

  • Added 12 new weapon types. These weapon types can only be dropped in World Tier 5:

  • MG5 Light Machinegun

  • Infantry MG5 Light Ma