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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Patch Notes

11/18/2016 - Patch Notes - 2:37PM PST

  • Infected has been added back to all platforms

  • Hardcore FFA has been added to all platforms

  • Hardcore Kill Confirmed has been added to PS4 and Xbox

  • Hardcore Kill Confirmed replayed Hardcore Defender in the Moshpit on PC

  • Removed Hardcore Defender from PS4 and Xbox

  • Reintroduced SnD into PC Moshpits


11/18/2016 – Patch Notes - 1:40PM PST


  • Scorestreaks now give team score based on where the owner is on the map in Frontline

  • Double XP UI added

  • Volk Tuning: reduced damage range, reduced hip fire accuracy, more violent ADS view kick

  • Infected: Inactivity kick (Infected will be added back shortly)

  • Infected: always turn initial infected to normal infected if a survivor suicides

  • Frost: spawn additional out of bound trigger to catch dropped bombs by sub wallrun

  • Rigs are now properly unlocked when ANY of their rig packages are unlocked, rather than just the first one.

  • Speculative fix for a crash in the wild

  • Fix for split screen weapon streaming

Zombies in Spaceland

  • Added a weapon rank upgrade splash when that weapon reaches a new rank.

  • Don't end the game in solo if The Hoff is active

  • Correctly handle Coupon Clipper FnF card when used to call in The Hoff V3.

  • Fixed an exploit where players can double jump after respawing from dying via a kill trigger.

  • Weapon upgrade powerup fixes.

  • Fixed an exploit where players who played both MP and CP would get drastically increased Weapon XP gains


11/11/2016, 7:30PM - DOUBLE XP in Zombies in Spaceland for a few days...and not just for Public matches, but Solo and Custom!

  • Bang Bangs recoil reduced

  • Trail Blazers damage buff

  • Health tweaks to the Brute

  • Arcane attachment damage buff

  • Various fixes to the Alien boss fight

  • Misc bug and exploit fixes

  • Allow player to do exquisite quest before end of UFO EE

  • Pause Spawning briefly when reviving from Afterlife Arcade in Solo Mode

  • Fortune Cards Ordered by Rarity

  • Fixed the Boombox exploding damaging the speaker in the DJ quest

  • Melee Improvements

  • Various UI Fixes

  • Reduce Max Ammo Cooldown

  • Attachment selection fixes with certain Prototype Weapons

  • Various fixes for using certain combinations of perks, cards, and weapon attachments

  • Fortune Cards are consumed if players leave a match before it ends

  • Leaderboards were incorrectly summing scenes instead of posting highest Scene, this will be posting properly now.

11/11/2016 PATCH NOTES

There was over 1,000 bug fixes in this title update across MP and Zombies this go around. Some were smaller, backend fixes and adjustments and some were larger well known issues that we received from you and your feedback, so thank you!


  • Fixes for Medals

  • General fixes for Infected mode

  • Removing CTF Flags in Winner’s Circle; adjusted session state change for games where there’s no kill cam

  • Map exploits (we know some of you are reporting one on Genesis; we’re working on it)

  • Removal of Taunts that weren't supposed to be unlocked

  • Localization formatting fixes

  • Adjusted a challenge to correctly reference Propulsion rather than Rushdown

  • Fixed typos

  • Adjusted the challenge for killing players in the air just a tinnnny bit more lenient

  • EAK ADS fire fix

  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd player in splitscreen would not earn any Mission Team Progress

  • Added a sound for tripmine projectile

  • Fix for Synaptic death going through the ground

  • Add a win to the top 3 players in FFA modes for leaderboard stats and show victory on the final win/lose/tie HUD

  • Created more contract between the 3 Scorestreaks that are selected versus the ones that are disabled

  • Adjusted points for score per bomb plant

  • Fixed accessory collision on the R.A.W.

  • Adjusted a Frontline spawn point on Riot due to intersection geometry

  • Fix for previews of Mission Team emblems when they were still locked

  • Adjusted gun camos

  • FFA score increase from 50 to 100

  • Fixed the collision of the strap on the Karma from glitching through the other side of the gun

  • DMR-1 – Epic- No longer supports the Variable Zoom Scope

  • Enlarged the collision shape on cosmetics to prevent clipping with various weapons

  • Fix for one extra frame of latency that was appearing in the muzzle flashes

  • Fixed a bug where bots wouldn’t pick up crates in Drop Zone

  • Fixed a bug where the Stinger would lock on to your own Killstreaks in FFA

  • Fix for S&D crash

  • Better win conditions that will prevent draws in Reinforce

  • Combat Burst duration tuning for CWL

  • CWL – adjustments to recipe for correct Payloud charge and score rates

  • Fixed one known issue with framerate on Xbox One and various performance improvements – if you’re still experience this, please let us know

  • Added Infected mode

  • Adjustment to the Warden Killstreak on Breakout

  • Pick 10 points are now blue

  • Added ability to see the chosen Rig and mini combat record of others players in a lobby

Zombies in Spaceland

  • Fix for pap zappers having no ammo after you pick them back up off the standee

  • Fix for pap zappers not having camo after putting back on the standee

  • Fix for Brute having his helmet on incorrectly after removing it after he grabbed a zombie

  • Fix for zombies who "walk on air"

  • Fixes for certain cards with the Alien Fight

  • Front end camera transition fixes

  • Fix for the croc mouth (sometimes it wouldn’t return to its original height)

  • Fix for seeing player outlines when they are playing emulated arcade games

  • Allow clowns to be part of the "kill marked" challenges

  • Make sure the Brute zombie doesn't decide to grab/kill zombies who are marked for a challenge

  • Fix for players being able to jump+sprint down the slide

  • Add the soul key progression to the front end.

  • Fix for players being able to repair a window from too far away and avoid being attacked

  • Fix for N31L's pause/unpause functionality being broken after letting him auto-pause due to multiple failed challenges in a row

  • Fixed the occasional crawling zombie playing a standing death animation

  • Reducing emissive on camos

  • Give player a hit reward if melee’ing during Infinite Ammo


11/5/2016 PATCH NOTES

  • Fixed a map exploit on Genesis

  • Zombies Fixes, including exploit

  • Fixing a joining in progress issue on Mayday

  • Removing Redeem Code button from the store as it was causing confusion

  • SMG Tuning from Beta\Early metrics

  • AR\LMG Tuning from Beta\Early metrics

  • Slight tuning to Synaptic Equalizer values


11/3/2016 PATCH NOTES

  • Recently met players list is disabled as we track down a bug

  • Combat Rig Weapons\Ability earn rates tuned based on Beta Metrics

  • Clamping max player speed when stacking Perks\Traits\Gun Perks

  • Buffing Killstreaks based on Beta Feedback (THOR, APEX, Bombardment, RC-8) – Mentioned in previous notes above.

  • Small reduction to SMG movement speed

  • Film Grain reduction for MP

  • Miscellaneous fixes to gamemodes, medals.

  • More weapon balance coming soon


BETA UPDATES 10/29/2016



  • Increased the consistency of shotgun damage.

  • Shotgun damage at longer range has been increased.

  • Slightly increased the one shot kill range.

  • Both the Reaver and Banshee have received a slight bonus to their 1 trigger pull kill range.


  • Bullet spread at the hip no longer gets smaller as the player ADS’s. Once the scope reaches the player’s eye, the bullet spread goes instantly to zero.

  • Sniper aim assist was reduced slightly for the KBS Longbow and the other bolt action snipers. Our turn rate while Aimed Down Sights is still slowed to help with precision aiming.

  • Sniper-class weapons no longer have any Aim Assist until the optic fully reaches the player’s eye.

  • For the ELO and Scout optics on snipers, the idle sway while ADS has been increased along with the player’s view bounce when moving. Because these optics are less zoomed in, the view bounce and the sway are felt less. These changes are to promote more stationary aiming and firing with these optics.

  • The Tracking Chip optic’s visuals have been improved.

  • Reduced bonus of the Quickdraw attachment on snipers.

  • Updated snipers to have more flinch when getting shot.


  • The Howitzer Grenade launcher can now be fired from the hip instead of requiring full ADS


  • The RPR Evo epic variant (Ripper) has had a tuning pass to increase recoil given its bonus fire rate


  • Marksman – We fixed a bug where, in addition to reducing flinch, it was also reducing recoil. This would then stack with Gun Perks and the Foregrip Attachment. This bonus reduction has been removed.

  • Momentum – Fixed issues with speed not being retained

  • Marked Target – The temporary red marker on the victim has been toned down


  • Health Regen time has been reduced.

  • Infusion bonus reduced.

  • Continuing to refine spawn system on beta maps, will assess remaining launch maps in live environment.


  • Increased salvage gain in mission teams.

  • Changed currency value in supply drops.

  • Increased drop rate of keys in round-based modes.



  • AP-3X

  • Increased health, bullet damage, and weapon accuracy up close to help with target acquisition

  • RC-8

  • Increased health, increased weapon accuracy to help with target acquisition, slight increase in fire rate, and slight damage increase on splash damage

  • T.H.O.R

  • Increased speed of tracking rockets

  • Increase damage of both tracking and straight fire rockets

  • Bombardment

  • Slight decrease in both time to the initial drop and the time between each subsequent drop

  • Updated area damage to be consistent inner to outer


  • Refining payload balance

  • Slight tweaks to gameplay balance across rigs


  • Defender: When carrying the Drone, the score-per-second bonus has been bumped from 5 score per second to 10 score per second. Scorestreak carrier bonus is unaffected.

  • Gun Game: Now features all classic weapons. In future updates, weapons with alternate functions will retain their state upon spawn.

  • Domination: When you step off a flag, the current capture bar progress starts to decay. The rate of this decay has been halved from the Beta. This allows players to hop off a flag to defend it and then get back on the flag with less progress loss


  • Potential player evaluation was too strict. We were doing some very thorough testing of your connection to other players before placing you in a lobby with those players. This turned out to be a bit too thorough, and eventually was relaxed, leading to shorter matching times.

  • Incorrect geographic categorization. There was an issue in our geolocation system which was causing some players to be incorrectly categorized. This was also resolved during the beta, improving matchmaking times.

  • Dead lobby cleanup. The process which cleans up unused or dead lobby information from our back end was taking too long. This was causing a number of slowdowns when searching for a match.

  • The matchmaker was always quite good at generating new lobbies, but one thing we noticed was that queueing into a join in progress situation was taking much longer. This was due to some issues in the way we track information about the lobbies that are currently playing a match. These issues were also addressed during the beta, and sped up the join in progress case immensely.


  • We know a lot of you had different experiences with TTK during the Beta. With the above adjustments to dedicated servers, matchmaking, and weapon tuning, we think you’ll find that the TTK will be more balanced at launch, both on the attacking and receiving end. We’ll continue to monitor and balance throughout the year as need and would love your feedback in the process.

  • We’re always looking at TTK and will continue to balance and monitor


  • One of the major infrastructure changes we made this project was how dedicated server allocations work. We're using a new load balancing system on the servers themselves, as well as pretty heavily changed how the game chooses a datacenter to use, and requests a dedicated server from that datacenter.

  • At the start of the Beta, you may have noticed some host migrations and some poorer quality matches. We discovered some issues where the new system was dropping our dedicated server utilization numbers way below target. After some tweaks and fixes we were able dramatically improve our dedicated server utilization for the second weekend and beyond.

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