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Weekly Reset - 15NOV16

Nightfall: The Wretched Eye Old Russia, Earth A Fallen high priest is warping an ancient science to his own twisted ends. Fight to the heart of a Hive nest to find the priest and end his atrocities. Modifiers

  • Epic - Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

  • Arc Burn - Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.

  • Brawler - Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.

  • Ironclad - More enemies have shields.

  • Exposure - Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.


SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Modifiers

  • Heroic - Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.

  • Specialist - Special Weapon damage is favored.

  • Exposure - Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.

  • Airborne - Players deal more damage while in the air.


Wrath of the Machine Challenge: Vosik

The Challenge - "Guardians have to activate two of the clean rooms after each DPS phase using the two SIVA bombs that drop DURING the DPS phase. Then DEFEAT VOSIK on the 3rd phase." How To:

  • All clean rooms must be activated and you MUST do this 2 at a time. The run should consist of 2 rooms, 2 rooms, defeat VOSIK to be a success

  • 2 clean rooms activate towards the end of the DPS Phase. You will know which has activated as a light above the door will glow

  • There are 2 rooms on the left (Back & Front) and 2 rooms on the right (Back & Front). These doors are opposite from each other across the room.

  • After the DPS phase when you are required to take cover in the Safety rooms, you must occupy and close BOTH safety rooms that appear following the damage phase. They are usually a combination of one door on the left and one on right right. BE AWARE - In some cases, this can mean both doors on the same side can be lit up

  • All clean room doors must be closed using 1 of the 2 SIVA charges that drops during the damage phase

  • If done correctly, you will have closed all 4 clean rooms in your first 2 runs and you will then HAVE to defeat Vosik on the third. At this point, you can throw the 2 SIVA charges that drops during DPS at Vosik for massive damage

  • You must down Vosik in 3 phases to complete the challenge. If you do not manage to kill him third phase. You will wipe and have to start again


  • If completed on NM you will receive NM loot (Capped at 385) and an extra chest containing the Challenge Loot

  • If completed on HM (Without completing NM first) you will receive NM Loot (Capped at 385), HM Loot (Capped at 400) and the extra chest will contain drops up to 400 Light level INCLUDING chances of NM Loot dropping at 400

  • Challenge Mode Emblem (Only drops from HM)

  • Exotic Engram (Only drops from HM)

  • SIVA armor Ornament (HM)


Challenge of the Elders Bonus

  • Grenade Kill Bonus - Grenade kills are worth more points.


  • Berserk - Minions of the Darkness won't flinch, even after massive damage.

  • Specialist - Special Weapon damage is favored.


Lord Shaxx Weekly Bounty: Supremacy

  • 7 Matches Completed

  • 50 Primary Kills

  • 30 kill credits

  • 20 crests denied


Weekly Vanguard Scout Bounties

  • Archon's Forge: Vandals - Complete 4 Archon's Forge Events: Vandals Offering

  • Crushing Blows - Use the Iron Battle Axe or powerful enemy weapons to decimate hostile threats. (100)

  • Anti-Splicer - Complete Patrols in the Plaguelands (10)

  • Archon's Forge: Shanks - Complete 4 Archon's Forge Events: Shanks Offering


Tyra's Artifact Inventory Note: Need to complete Quests again in order to receive Iron Lords Legacy to unlock Artifacts.

Memory of Gheleon (67/100 Disc)

Provides more detailed radar resolution and keeps the radar active while aiming down a weapon's sights, essentially combining the perks Keen Scout and Third Eye.

Memory of Timur (64/107 Str)

Temporarily turns enemy PvE combatants into friendlies when they are melee attacked.

Memory of Radegast (33/76 Disc // 37/80 Str)

Allows Guardians to reflect enemy projectile attacks, including Ogre eye blasts and rockets fired in the Crucible, with sword blocks.


Weekly Crucible Activities

  • Salvage

  • Inferno Supremacy


Material Exchange

  • Dead Orbit - Helium Filament

  • Future War Cult - Helium Filament

  • New Monarchy - Spirit Bloom

  • Eris Morn - Hadium

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