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How to Get: Y3 Thorn


HOW TO GET IT It is a RANDOM drop from completing Shiro-4 bounties.


The Quest Step 1: Echoes of Darkness: Face "The Wretched Eye" and defeat Kovik, the Devil Splicers' high priest. Step 2: Harvest of the Lesser: Wipe out Fallen in the Plaugelands to feed the weapon's appetite. (It was about 500). Step 3: Feast Upon the Light: Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. (125 kills or so) Deaths DO NOT set you back!!! PRIVATE MATCHES WILL NOT WORK Step 4: Cleansed by The Light: Consume Motes of Light to Cleanse yourself and the weapon. (Only 5 motes) Step 5: Where it Began: Find a Skeleton Key and open the Strike Hoard at the end of "The Abomination Heist" Strike. (You can get a free Skeleton Key from the Quest "None are Perfect") Step 6: Receive Thorn

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