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How to Get: Outbreak Prime


Full Video Guide by Datto


Activate Monitors

  • Get into the raid

  • Activate all prior monitors.

  • Monitor Note: If you are aiming for it, you must finish it within one Raid sitting with your team

  • Players can - 1. Go to Orbit and switch 2. Fireteam leaders can change 3. Booted players may return 4. If a player leaves, a new joiner can come in and open the end chest (4th Monitor only)

  • The underlying factor is that 1 Guardian must remain within the Raid at ALL TIMES

  • When AKSIS is defeated the Fireteam joining option becomes DISABLED. People can join at AKSIS and get the chest if all the other monitors were activated previously but they must be there to defeat him

Monitor 1 - In the first Vosik encounter, find a room in the front-left corner of the arena with a fan in the roof. Jump up into the fan to find the monitor down the pipe’s path.

Monitor 2 - You’ll enter a larger room. Near the top, there is a path that leads into the room with four red pillars. Before entering the hallway, jump up into the rafters (above the spinning fans) — climb the iron girders, then the pipes to reach a passage high up that leads to the next monitor.

Monitor 3 - After you defeat the Siege Engine boss, look down at the slanted wall on the right of the Cosmodrome — when facing the Siege Engine as it falls. Look for a small SIVA Core sticking out of the wall. Shoot it, and the wall will bust open, revealing a hidden room containing one more monitor.

Monitor 4 - Fourth monitor location (between Siege Engine and Aksis): This step is the most elaborate and requires some co-ordination to get right. In the Server Farm, go to the large room containing the giant cube surrounded by canisters. Four of the team have to stand on specific canisters. The order doesn't matter, and if successful, a sound will play. Now two players go back to the Server Farm's opening maze-like area and find the monitors located on either side of the room. Taking it in turns, left then right, the players will activate their monitor and use the number that follows to work out where the other four players stand back in the canister room. The left monitor will tell you the column (they are numbered, starting at 0) then canister row number (from each bridge, going out) using the following numbers: 0000: 0

0001: 1

0010: 2

0011: 3

0100: 4

0101: 5

  • In the Diamond Room 4 people need to stand on these 4 canisters. Stepping order in this step doesn't matter.

In the Server Room (With the Vandals and Shanks) 2 people need to stand on the two platforms on the left and right sides by the 2 monitors (Left and Right side determined as you enter the room). Once everyone is in place the 2 people in the server room will see an 'activate monitor' prompt.

  • The 4 people in the Diamond need to get back on the Bridge and off the canisters.

  • To start the sequence:

  • Only 1 person needs to press 'activate monitor'.

  • Each monitor will then flash to a number. This can be 0000 like the starting sequence or a different number.

  • Note: Row and Columns start at 0 meaning the 'first' one

  • Left monitor is the column

  • Right monitor is the row

  • Convert these numbers to decimal with this site or used the numbers listed below:

  • 0000 - 0

  • 0001 - 1

  • 0010 - 2

  • 0011 - 3

  • 0100 - 4

  • 0101 - 5

  • The first person in section 00 then steps on his canister. After he steps on the canister will light up from below. A new number will show on the screen for both people. Convert these numbers. The person in section 01 needs to step on their canister. Keep doing this for all 4 people. Once complete the Diamond will open.

  • Server Farm Web App (for exact locations of where to stand) (Screenshot of Web app below)

  • Example: For the first part (Section 00), the person on the left will activate the monitor and they get 0010 and the right monitor (doesn't activate) will show 0011. This coorelates to Left 2, Right 3 or Column 2, Row 3. The Columns are easy because they are labeled but remember that the Rows always start with 0 and then 1, 2 .... So the person in Section 00 will actually stand on the 2nd Column and the 3rd Row from the bridge (see the image below)

  • Complete the raid and beat Aksis.

Monitor 5 - The fifth and final monitor is at the start of the corridor with the Quest chest. After you face Aksis, you can drop off the edge of the arena (to the left of where you first spawn in) to find a hidden ledge leading to the corridor of lasers.

  • Go to the hidden chest room on the back side of the map. A platform will open to get to it. Activate the last monitor and open the chest. Get the quest.


Complete Quest Step 1

Note: for any of the puzzle steps you need One Warlock, One Hunter, and One Titan.


Complete Quest Step 2


Tuning the Engine

  • Sequence of numbers needed (Top is 1, Middle is 2, Bottom is 3):

  • Hunter =23223

  • Warlock=31313 or 33122

  • Titan =32323

  • Once you solve your puzzle, then set the correct pattern (Top, Middle, Bottom) for each column from each other person in your fireteam in order to add their tuning to yours.


Complete Quest Step 3


Align the Energy Inputs

  • Sequence of numbers needed (Top is 1, Bottom is 4):

  • Warlock=13334 or 23444

  • Titan=42123

  • Hunter=24414 or 41233



Complete the raid one more time to get a component from each of the 3 bosses.

  • One more Alignment. The final value needs to equal 730. The starting number changes between class.

  • Use this calculator for how to solve this sequence.

  • Collect the weapon from Shiro.

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