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The Division: Incursions Update



Story and Background

  • Falcon Lost will be the first Incursion

  • It takes place in a Water Treatment Plant and is a LMB Stronghold, because that is not really something that you bomb, when you want to take back New York

  • Captain Perez reassembles the LMB to keep control and now it is our job to stop the rest of the LMB

  • Multiple voice-overs and discussions that will be different each time


  • You won´t be able to camp in Falcon Lost

  • There will be new enemies: Drones – they will flush you out of cover and need to be shot down

  • You really need a good group and tactics, will be very difficult with PUGs

  • It is not only about gear but also a lot about player skills

  • You need synergy between playstyle


  • Matchmaker is confirmed for Incursions. There is a Gear-Score recommendation for hard-mode and for Challenge Mode, you won´t be matched with players that are below a specific score.


  • No checkpoints in Incursions, when you die you have to start over

Weekly lockouts?

  • No weekly lockout for incursions you can play them as many times as you want.

  • The first time in the week you will get a very good reward, and after that you will get good rewards

Future Incursions

  • More Incursions are planed (Columbus Circle is already confirmed for the Conflict update in May)

  • Future incursions will have different mechanics


  • Best/new gear and weapons than everywhere in the game (also new named weapons)

  • Gear-Set-items

Difficulty The Difficulty of the Incursions is very high, because it needs group coordination, tactics and also good gear to beat the Incursion. Incursions have two difficulties:

  • Hard Mode that will require the equivalent of the current level 31 high end gear

  • Challenge Mode that will require the new gear-sets

The devs could beat the hard mode, so they made it more difficult. The QC players needed days to beat the Challenge Mode Incursion.


Trading Player can drop items to give it to the other players in the group that were present as you got the item Restrictions:

  • Dark Zone you have to go to a Checkpoints to trade the item (safe area)

  • Dropped loot can be picked up by all players in the group

  • Items can be dropped and traded multiple times in the 2h window after pickup


New Feature: Assignments

  • There will be weekly and daily assignments

  • You can earn Phoenix Credits and Division Tech

  • Good rewards in general

  • Example: killing 10 Cleaners


New Dark Zone Activities Supply Drops

  • Drop from the sky that happens every hour on different locations and have very good rewards

  • Only the first group that gets there will get the reward.

  • Supply Drops are protected by hard enemies

  • When you get the supply drop, you don´t have to extract them.

In general, they will add new activities in every future update



  • When you die during a group-mission, you can follow other teammates

  • You can switch between your teammates, look around and help them until you are revived



  • There are 4 gear sets

  • Finding and equipping four pieces from a single set unlocks a new, never-before-seen talent for your Agent, which the developers aren’t revealing yet.

  • You will also get a setbonus when you have a specific number of set-pieces equipped

  • Gear sets will have other talents than what we already have

  • Different gearsets per playstyle

  • Are more powerful than High-Ends gear pieces – but you have to equip a multiple number of items to get the buff – but gear sets don´t have gear talents

  • Help a lot in the group synergy when players of the group have different sets

Sentry’s Call

  • This is the Snipers Gear set

Striker’s Battle Gear

  • Combat Assault set

Path of the Nomad

  • Dark Zone / Solo oriented set (very vague)

Technician’s Authority

  • Support and Tech-Bonus

You can get Gear Sets from:

  • Incursions

  • Blueprints that can be bought

  • Drop in Challenge Mode Missions

  • Dark Zone

Gear Score

  • After you reach level 30 you are measured by gear score / now you don´t see player level but the gear score

  • The gear score is calculated by the gear you are wearing and is based on the quality and item-level

  • Gear score is also included in matchmaking. Matchmaking will also include the items you have in the inventory.

Player Level Cap

  • Agent level is still capped at 30, but your gear score can boost your abilities beyond your level, and are touted as a new way of leveling up for top-level players.


Release Date April 12th 2016 - on all platforms.


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