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Trials of Osiris - 01 April 2016


When does Trials of Osiris end?

Trials of Osiris ends at normal Weekly Reset at 9am UTC on Tuesdays.


Trials of Osiris Map - Rotating Maps Asylum

Widow's Court

Burning Shrine


Rusted Lands


Trials Passage

[*]Grants you access to Trials of Osiris

[*]A passage costs 500 glimmer.

[*]A Trials Passage always costs 500 glimmer, regardless if the card is completed or not.


Buffs To access the buffs, hit Triangle // Y on your controller while hovered over the Trials Passage Card from your Inventory Screen.

[*]Favor of Osiris - Start Trials of Osiris with a Win. Must be purchased before your first match.

[*]Mercy of Osiris - Your first loss is forgiven. Must be purchased before your first match.

[*]Boldness - Winning your first match awards a bonus win. Must be purchased before your first match.


Buff Information

[*]Buffs are NOT shared between fireteam members. Each member will need to purchase their own.

[*]If you purchase the Mercy of Osiris and lose while the Mercy of Osiris was active, finish with 9 Wins/0 Loss with 1 actual loss, it will count as a Flawless victory.

[*]All buffs must be purchased before the first match.


Flawless Victory Information

[*]If you win 9 times without any losses, you get access to The Lighthouse in Mercury.

[*]If you get flawless victory multiple times on the same character, the chest on Mercury will not contain any loot after the first time.

[*]Using the Mercy of Osiris does not prevent you from a flawless victory.


The Lighthouse Information

[*]You get access to a chest that gives you sweet loot.

[*]Returning to Orbit will allow you to return to The Lighthouse.


Trials of Osiris Loot A single legendary item is a guarantee upon a Gold Tier Package rewards.

[*]5 Wins - Chest

[*]7 Wins - The Unseeing Eye (Machine Gun)

Possible reward via Gold Tier package

[*]Sunlit Ghost Shell

[*]Reflection Sum Pulse Rifle

[*]The Inward Lamp Scout Rifle

[*]The Water Star Hand Cannon

[*]Doctrine of Passing Auto Rifle

[*]Glass Promontory Sniper Rifle

[*]Binary Dawn Shotgun

[*]Elevating Vision Fusion Rifle

[*]The Unseeing Eye Machine Gune

[*]The Tamarind Rocket Launcher

[*]Exotic Gear

[*]Legendary Gear

[*]Rare Engrams


The Lighthouse Chest Loot A single legendary weapon is a guarantee upon Lighthouse

[*]HIC Jacet Emblem (Guaranteed)

[*]Exotic Gear (Possibility)

[*]Reflection Sum (Adept) Pulse Rifle (Possibility)

[*]The Inward Lamp (Adept) Scout Rifle (Possibility)

[*]The Water Star (Adept) Hand Cannon (Possibility)

[*]Doctrine of Passing (Adept) Auto Rifle (Possibility)


Guides and Important Links updated for Trails of Osiris data. by /u/dweezil22 - Useful for checking stats on your opponents, yourself, and your teammates.

Destiny Tracker Trials Stats - Great for checking the stats on yourself or another player for Kills, Deaths, KD, KDA, Win Percentage, recent games, etc.

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