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Xur - 05 February 2016


Location: Tower north, near the speaker Exotic Armor (13 Strange Coins): Immolation Fists -Gauntlets, Titan (Intellect - 57) Radiant Dance Machines -Leg Armor, Hunter (Discipline - 37/Intellect - 43) THE STAG -Helmet, Warlock (Discipline -33/Strength - 33) Exotic Weapon (23 Strange Coins): SUROS Regime -Auto Rifle Legacy Engram (31 Strange Coins): Special Weapon Engram Note: Due to a bug in the system, SPECIAL WEAPONS legacy engrams have a 20% chance of that, with a 85% to drop PoE exotic weapons. Curios: "Emerald Coil" Drive (23 Strange Coins) Stealth Drive (23 Strange Coins) Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 Strange Coin) Three of Coins (7 Strange Coins) Glass Needles (3 Strange Coins) Material Exchange: Mote of Light (2 Strange Coins)

#destiny #xur

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