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How To Get: No Time to Explain

This guide was created by u/esoterickk and all credit goes to him

The daily is the Paradox mission on Venus today. There's 4 ghosts/grimoire items that are exclusive to the Paradox mission while it is the daily heroic. You need to progress through the mission without wiping in order to obtain them all. Obtaining these also leads to the No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle, the quest will unlock the following weekly reset. It is also worth noting that the Cult Ghost glitch is now fixed and is exclusive to the Daily Heroic with a recent patch update. The below guide is from locations notable to the mission (for people who have never done VoG before).


Mystery: The Vault of Glass 5 Grimoire Points Video:

How to exit the path:

This can be found when you take the secret path in the Paradox mission inside the Vault of Glass. Where there's an open area to your right before the doorway with the malfunctioning Vex, you can drop off the ledge to the secret path in Trials of Kabr. Take the path until you see the first red light, and on the right in a corner will be the dead ghost/memory.


Mystery: The Vault of Glass 2 10 Grimoire Points Video:

This can be found when you take the spirit bloom path in the Paradox mission inside the Vault of Glass. To get to the path, after you hit the Templar's Well and clear out all the Taken, on the very left of the area before the stairs/incline, there's a hole in the wall you can jump in. Continue down the path past the first area with lights, and you will then approach a pillar with a light in it that has a ledge you can jump on top of. Jump up here and before the next drop down, in the corner the ghost will be there. This one can only be obtained if you obtained the first one and progressed through the mission without wiping.


Mystery: The Vault of Glass 3 10 Grimoire Points Video:

This can be found after you defeat the boss and head to the traditional jumping puzzle in the Vault of Glass. To get to this path, turn around from where the skeleton is and hug the right. Do not scan the skeleton or it will end the mission. After you exit the room and head into the big open area, hug the large wall on your left. Keep hugging this wall as it curves around to the right and there will be a hole in the wall. Follow the path and it will take you to the jumping puzzle in the area "Vault of Glass". You head up to the left in the cave, and circle around in it until you reach the ledge. From there you drop down to your right and there will be a little platform you can land on underneath you. Turn around and the ghost will be in the cave connected to the platform. This one can only be obtained if you obtained the first two and progressed through the mission without wiping.


Mystery: Praedyth's Door 15 Grimoire Points Video:

You need to obtain all 3 prior ghosts in order without dying in a darkness zone/resetting the mission. After this it will trigger the portal to Praedyth's Door where you can fight the "Blighted Descendant" ultra. After you defeat it a door will open for a chest where you can obtain the Cult Ghost. Once you hand this in, you will get the Mystery: Praedyth's Door as shown above. After obtaining and handing in the Cult Ghost, the following weekly reset it will unlock the quest chain for the No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle. Full quest chain with text guide in description can be found here:


FAQ: Last time Paradox was the Daily Heroic, people had quite a few questions regarding the mission and the ghosts themselves. Hoping that this section will help with that!

Q. Solo or with a Fireteam? It can definitely be solo'd, however bringing a Fireteam will make it quite a bit easier and more leeway for error. Q. Are you able to die at all during the mission? You are able to die in the mission provided it's not in a darkness zone and it doesn't wipe the mission (takes you to the mission summary screen). If you're a Sunsinger Warlock, self-ressing won't affect the ghosts. If you're in a Fireteam, members are able to die so long as everyone doesn't die and it wipes the mission. Q. I died after the first ghost, do I have to wait until next time? Nope! You can simply just restart the mission and proceed through again. You will need to pick up all the ghosts in order again however (they respawn on every wipe / when you go to orbit). Q. I grabbed one/two of the ghosts last time, can I skip them now? You'll need grab them all in order again without wiping the mission. They respawn everytime you go to orbit/wipe the mission. Q. Can you die after the 3rd ghost on the jumping puzzle/Blighted Descendant? Once you've picked up the 3rd mystery ghost you don't need to worry about dying anymore really. It won't reset the ghosts and the portal will remain open. Wiping on the Blighted Descendant will just allow you to try again. One thing to note however, is if fall off the jumping puzzle and land on the rocks below, there's a chance you can get stuck down there. Q. Do you need to pick up all 3 ghosts, or can you just join on somebody and grab the Cult Ghost? The only requirement for the No Time To Explain is the Cult Ghost, so if you join someone who's at the Blighted Descendant boss you don't need to worry about the others. They will just give you grimoire/unlock the portal. Q. The quest isn't there after I handed in the Cult Ghost and I pledged to Future War Cult, why? You'll need to wait for the following weekly reset before the rest of the quest will become available. Q. Do I have to stay with Future War Cult for the entirety of the the No Time To Explain quest chain? You only need to be with Future War Cult for the reputation gain part. After that you're free to change factions again.

Q. Can this be done outside of the Daily Heroic? There used to be a glitch of sorts that would allow you to obtain the Cult Ghost outside of the daily, however it was fixed in a recent patch. These are all purely exclusive so the Daily Heroic now. Q. Easier or harder than the Black Spindle mission? A lot easier! There's more effort involved with the overall quest, but the daily itself is significantly easier. SOURCE

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