Kings Fall Raid Hard Mode Guide

Contents • Class Tips • The Beginning, Charging the Statues • Jumping Puzzles • Becoming deemed worthy to battle the Warpriest • The Warpriest • Golgoroth’s Cellar • Golgoroth • 2nd Jumping Puzzle • Oryx’s Daughters, Ir Halak, and Ir Anuk • Oryx, The Taken King

Class Tips Hunter • Nightstalker Tether w/ Black Hole can be extremely effective for boss DPS phases – even toss a vortex on them • Gunslinger hunter is great for staggering Oryx, even more effective with Celestial Nighthawk • Bones of Eao will make the jumping puzzles much easier combined with Mida is even better Titan • Weapons of Light is always useful for DPS phases, and Saint 14 makes it even better Warlock • During boss phases Stormcaller can be extremely effective for clearing adds and making orbs, especially on the Ogre phase (stormcall the back area), and during the Daughters (adds in middle) • Sunsinger is a great tool for Oryx as it allows you to have the self-revive to prevent a wipe if your close to killing oryx and you don’t stagger him, or to self-revive if you die right before going to stagger him – but most importantly it’s great for orb generation for your fireteam

The Beginning, Charging the Statues

This encounter is very straight forward. Relics will appear two at a time and need to be dunked into the corresponding statue at the same time. This will be repeated 6 times to open the gate at the Court in front of you. Shotguns are very effective to drop the glass (explained below). • Split into 3 teams of 2 players, center, right and left. • Center team stays on the bridge clearing adds and the glass in mid. • Left and right teams grab Relics to dunk • Now more detail, after dunking the first 2 the teams will pair off going directly left or right from spawn thru the hallways to find the next orbs. When the orbs are picked up glass will spawn in two places along that path. The entrance to the hallway where you entered from spawn, and the exit of the hall way where you go to grab the orbs. • 1 person from each team grabs the orb and begins to make their way back to center after the other member of the side team shoots the first glass panel and then remains clearing the taken Phalanxs that spawned. The person with the orb needs to be certain they won’t be blasted off the edge by the Phalanxs. • One player from center team will shoot the glass leading to center for left, and the other always for right. So once you hear the orb is grabbed take a peak over and drop the glass leading to the hallway. • Once both Relics are dunked new Relics will spawn, the player that remained clearing the Phalanxs can grab the 2nd Relic while the person on the way back can crack the glass and clear ads. Bring the orbs to dunk, rinse and repeat. • When the gate at the court opens some wizards and adds will spawn – kill them and walk thru the portal to get the first chest. Then proceed your way thru to the jumping puzzles.

Jumping Puzzles • First area is self-explanatory jumping across the swinging platforms • Ship area is slightly more complex with the order being (in relationship to the direction you are going on your ship) • Back right, straight right, left, straight to platform (land on the platform for respawn spot), off right side of platform, straight ahead, duck under next ship using back left corner then jump straight up, straight ahead on straight, straight ahead coming from left, straight ahead on right – then top. Warning the last ship docks but then disappears. • 2nd ship area requires 2 teammates to be standing on the buttons to remove the glass across the way. Then those teammates can stand on buttons on the far side to allow last 2 teammates to ride the next ship that spawns. • Hidden Chest in the area with the glass. Before going thru glass jump off on the left hand side when almost to glass to the walkway along the wall. Scale the walkway up the narrow platform and walk thru the door. Buttons are required to open door. When you jump down hold buttons for last two teammates and they can make their way to the chest. • Before going up the teleporter to the next area turn around and jump up on the pillar straight in front of you, on the left hand side there will be another calcified fragment.


• Calcified fragment on right hand side (in plain view) when entering this room • Split into 2 teams of 3 players, right and left. Of the 3 players, • 1 from each team will stand on the center platform in front of you where you walked in, • For each team: 2 will run to the annihilator totem, 1 of the 2 will grab the buff that lies on the path about halfway to the totem. This buff will grant you an aura around you that will keep you alive, if you leave the aura, your health will begin to drain. Picking up the buff triggers the start of the fight. Time these and pick them up together. • Those 2 players stand on the totem and start to take out the adds, boomer knights will spawn on the balcony above you every time the Aura switches players, he is PRIORITY to take out, then the acolytes. • Your buff has a timer, once that timer runs out, you will a new buff called Deathsinger power x10 • Deathsinger’s Power: Once you have this, confirm your partner on the totem has the debuff you just had, when he does, call out to the player of your group of 3 who is standing in the middle to switch with you. • Once in the middle, stand on the platform on the ground where you first entered, your Deathsinger power will start to count down from 10 to 0. This will cause the first set of lights on the door to light up, you now have 9 more “cycles” to complete. Remain on the center platform until the buff switches between the other two players on your side and then switch again. • Key note, when standing on the middle platform, there will be wizards that spawn on the balconies above you to the left and right of the door, as well as melee knights, if the Knights run towards the totems, call that out to your teammates. • Rinse and repeat this process for around 10 times and the phase will end with a saying in the kill feed that reads "Warpriest has deemed you worthy" • A chest will appear near the center platform. Once loot is collected head through the door in front of you and on to the next fight which is......

The Warpriest

Once you walk into the room, you will see a platform on the ground in front of you in the middle of the room behind a giant stone tablet with writing on it. Look to your left, and above you is another tablet up on a balcony with a bridge leading a crossed from it. Look to your right, and you'll see an area slightly above you with another stone tablet. In front of these tablets on both the left, and the right, are platforms identical to the one in the middle. The right platform is easily accessible by jumping, the left one however, is not. Your best option is to jump on the rocks in front of the left tablet, from there jump onto the bridge, then walk up to the platform. Now that we have a lay of the land, here are the mechanics. • Walk on the glyphs/platforms/buttons at the same time to start the fight. • The Warpriest will appear underneath the giant black blight on the platform in the middle. And adds will begin to spawn. After a few waves of adds, you will hear knights yell their war cry, and 3 yellow bar knights will appear, one left, one middle and one right. Call out which knights are killed (left, middle, right) • Once all 3 have been killed, on the kill feed it will say the sequence has started. Here's where it gets complicated: have one person jump up on the far left or right front platforms “call guy”, from there you will see the light on the back of the stone tablet that is the first of the sequence. • Call out which tablet is lit up, a player on the side he called has to step on and stay on the platform, once on the platform a second tablet will light up indicating which platform is second in the sequence, a player on the side that is called second steps and remains on the platform, then once the 3rd and final tablet lights up, a player from that area should step on the platform. • Now, whoever steps on the final platform is going to get a de-buff with a short timer that has a multiplier next to it. You can control who this person is for each wave. Just make sure they always step on the last platform. • Call out when you have the de-buff and you and the team run to an area of your choosing (left, center, right). • Player with the de-buff, you have the most important job, you DO NOT shoot the warpriest (until you become comfortable with this role and your timer), your job, is when that timer hits 2 seconds, kill an add. This will lessen your multiplier by one, keep doing this until your multiplier is gone. But be sure to still can an add at the end of the timer, or else you will die. • Players without the de-buff, stay inside the red circle and shoot the Warpriest, this is the only way to damage him. Here is a good time to drop weapons of light behind or a nightstalkers tether on the Warpriest massively increasing damage. Snipers/grenades do fantastic damage on him. • Call out when your de-buff is gone, and all the players need to huddle around directly in front of the same tablet, the Warpriest will perform a blinding ritual, if you are not behind the tablet (in the visible shadow on the ground) you will die. Once the ritual is over you will notice the tablet you hid behind is gone. • After the ritual is over, the same waves of adds will spawn again, then the knights, once everyone calls out the Knights are down, the same "call guy” will jump up on the far left or right front platforms to call out the order. A red light will appear in place of the missing glyph when it’s that sides turn to be stepped on. • Call out when you have the de-buff and you and the team run to an area of your choosing that still has a glyph (left, center, right). • Rinse and repeat a 3rd and 4th time. When the Warpriest is below half health he will begin spawning Taken and “Taken Knights” instead of regular adds. • YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM ON THE 4TH TRY, because there are no more tablets to hide behind, if you do not kill him on the 4th try, you will wipe. • Pick up loot from the bosses body and move onto the maze.

Golgoroth’s Cellar

This is very straight forward to navigate right thru. At junctions from the entrance go: right, left, left, right. There is a chest in this area described right below. There is also a calcified fragment by plate #3. The numbers represent the pressure plates (not just the flower mark) that you need to JUMP on to activate. Have someone by the chest door to confirm when it opens. Walking on the plates is not enough. You stand off of the entire plate and when it is your turn you JUMP onto it. The pattern always starts with number 1. You will hear a loud noise slight click/single drum beat. From there have number 2 jump on his plate, then 3 then 4. Wait a second or two in between so you can clearly hear the single beat. If you hear a lot of loud bangs everyone should get off their plates for a few seconds and start over. After you collect the chest head straight on out to the next encounter.