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New Destiny Exotics for The Taken King

Empyrean Bellicose (Titan Helmet)

Fly like the shadows with the Empyrean Bellicose. Aiming your weapons while in the air will hold you in place for a short time. Orbs collected when your Super is full will recharge your melee ability. - Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Alchemist's Raiment (Warlock Chest Armor)

Warlocks: reshape the world and turn iron to gold with the Alchemist's Raiment. Collecting Primary Ammo will give you a chance to gain glimmer. Orbs collected when your Super is full recharge your grenades and melee. - Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (Hunter Gauntlets)

Hunters: these Sealed Ahamkara Grasps are filled with Nightmare Fuel. They will provide you with an additional melee charge and your melee damage will have a chance to reload your Primary Weapon. - Xûr, Agent of the Nine

The Chaperone (Shotgun)

The Chaperone Exotic shotgun fires a single slug shot and grants an Agility boost when equipped. Your precision kills will grant a brief incease to Handling, Range, Rate of Fire, and Stability. - Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Telesto (Fusion Rifle)

An end will come, Guardian. Bring it about sooner with Telesto, a vestige of the Queen's Harbringers. This Fusion Rifle will attach projectiles to your foes and detonate with a delayed Void blast. Multikills with this weapon will drop Orbs for your allies. - Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Sleeper Simulant (Heavy Fusion Rifle)

I can not endure this place any longer… Before I depart, a final offer for you. Sleeper Simulant: a Fusion Rifle equipped in your Heavy Weapon slot. This weapon's laser tears through enemies and ricochets on hard surfaces. - Xûr, Agent of the Nine

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