Xbox One Game Streaming to Windows 10

What is Game Streaming?

Game Streaming is the ability to play Xbox One games remotely from your Xbox One console on any Windows 10 PC on your home network.

  • This feature allows you to leave your living room and play your favorite Xbox One games anywhere with access to your home network.

  • Game Streaming uses the power of the Xbox One console to manage the game. Your Windows 10 PC becomes a remote second screen so you can roam freely around your home while continuing to enjoy your Xbox One console and games.

System requirements

To take advantage of Game Streaming you need:

  • Xbox One console: Game Streaming must be enabled in Settings.

  • Windows 10 PC: You must be signed in to the Xbox app with the same gamertag as on the Xbox One console.

  • Network connectivity: The Windows 10 PC and the Xbox One console must be on the same home network. Options:

  • Wired - Ethernet connection (recommended for both PC and Xbox One console)

  • Wireless - 802.11 N/AC wireless connection

For best performance, we recommend that your Windows 10 PC have:

  • At least 2 gigabytes of RAM

  • 1.5-GHz CPU or faster

  • Network connection to your home network:

  • Best performance: Wired Ethernet connection

  • Good performance: Wireless – 5-GHz 802.11 N or 802.11 AC wireless access point

  • Limited performance: Wireless – 2.4-GHz 802.11 N or 802.11 AC wireless access point

Note If a wired connection is not practical in your home due to the distance between your console and your home networking device, you can invest in either of two additional options that take advantage of the existing wiring in your home:

  • Powerline network adapters – these adapters allow you to use the existing electrical wiring of your home as a high-speed wired network.

  • MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) – these adapters allow you to use the existing coaxial cable wiring of your home as a high-speed wired network.

How to start Game Streaming from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC

Enable settings on your Xbox One

To use Xbox Game Streaming, you must first enable Game Streaming from your Xbox One. To do this, go to Settings and select Preferences. Make sure these two settings are enabled:

  • Allow game streaming to other devices (beta)

  • Enable the SmartGlass connection From any SmartGlass device or Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox.

Connect your Windows 10 PC to your Xbox One

After ensuring that your console settings are correct, you need to establish a connection from your Windows 10 PC to your Xbox One console from within the Xbox app on your PC:

  • On your PC, launch the Xbox app.

  • Select Connect from the panel on the left side.

  • The Xbox app will scan your home network for available Xbox One consoles. Select the name of the console you want to connect to.

Note All Xbox One consoles are pre-named "MyXboxOne," so if you have multiple consoles, you should rename each console so that you can correctly identify the console you're trying to connect to. You can rename your console by going to Settings on your Xbox One and then selecting System. Console name is the first option on the System screen.

  • Once you have connected, you'll see the icons change to indicate you are connected, and you'll see new options for streaming, power, and media remotes. You'll also now have control of the console remotely.

How to launch Game Streaming from the Connection panel