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Xur - 24 July 2015


Tower, Directly across from the speaker.

Exotic Armor (13 Strange Coins):

The Armamentaruim

-Helmet, Titan (Discipline - 133) Young Ahamkara's Spine -Gauntlets, Hunter (Discipline - 103) Starfire Protocol -Chest Armor, Warlock (Intellect - 126) Exotic Weapon (17 Strange Coins): Patience and Time -Sniper Rifle Exotic Engram (23 Motes of Light): Body Armor Engram Curios: Fusion Rifle Telemetry (1 Strange Coin) Machine Gun Telemetry (1 Strange Coin)

Rocket Launcher Telemetry (1 Strange Coin) Plasma Drive (23 Strange Coins)

Stealth Drive (23 Strange Coins) Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 Strange Coin)

Material Exchange:

Mote of Light (2 Strange Coins)

#destiny #xur

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