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Patrols Introduction

"These are our worlds...Take them back. Inch by inch. Bullet by bullet."

Some Guardians roam the wastelands in search of adventure. For decades they have placed beacons across the frontier, so that our allies in the Tower can transmit requests to those out in the wilds. There are ancient mysteries buried in the ruins, great treasures of our Golden Age to seek. There are fearsome enemies to be slaughtered, their secrets and technology to be brought home and studied. Only Guardians can push through the Darkness to reach these contested areas, and this makes their particular expertise very valuable to those bound by the City's walls.

Public Events Introduction.jpg

Public Events Introduction

"Trust me. You can't do this alone."

Our enemies never rest. If the City is to reclaim its lost worlds, Guardians must band together to stop our foes from completing their objectives. The City trusts its Guardians to assess the situation - whether a Fallen extraction crew, a Cabal demolition team, a Hive ritual, a mysterious Vex behavior, or something stranger yet - and engage or retreat as you see fit. Every battle won is another victory against the Darkness. But our foes will send their strongest, and they may be too much to overcome alone. Guardians who band together will survive to tell stories of their triumph. Watch the skies. When the enemy moves, look to the Guardians beside you, comrades and strangers alike.

Bounties Introduction.jpg

Bounties Introduction

"We all have wants. Just not the means to see 'em all through. You can try a Guardian, but make sure you have something to offer 'em."- Amanda Holliday, Shipwright

As we push against the falling Darkness, the Vanguard, Crucible, and other allies in the Tower and beyond, will continue to pry into lost legends and mounting threats, calling on Guardians with rewards to meet these dangers head on. Only a Guardian holds the power to reach out beyond the City and take on these charges, putting their Light on the line against whatever obstacle may face them.

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