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Destiny Grimoire: Activities - Crucible Playlist

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Crucible Introduction

"You wanna live? You're gonna have to prove it." - Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler and veteran of the Twilight Gap

The Crucible is a series of grueling challenges that pit Guardians against one another in open combat. Crucible combat is live-fire, with Ghosts standing by to save the dead. Whether alone or with a Fireteam, Guardians enter the Crucible to hone vital survival skills, build their own reputations, and win the patronage of City factions. Most importantly, the Crucible allows Guardians to train against formidable adversaries without fear of disaster.



"Capture and defend, Guardians!" - Lord Shaxx

6v6. Fight for control of strategic battle zones. Hold your ground to gain the momentum. Seize control of key locations. The more zones you hold, the more points each kill will be worth.



"Engage and execute all targets!" - Lord Shaxx

6v6. Form an alliance and fight for supremacy across the ruins of our old worlds. Pure combat. Two teams. Engage and eliminate your enemy utilizing teamwork and skill. In victory or defeat, all Guardians who brave the Crucible will be better prepared for the dangers beyond the City.



"Watch your back, Guardian. No one else will." - Lord Shaxx

You against all. Hone your Light by challenging your fellow Guardians in a fight for survival. Rumble is a free-for-all fight for dominance. You have no friends here. There will be no mercy. Challenge the strong and prey on the weak.



"Stick together, team!" - Lord Shaxx

3v3. A focused engagement between two fireteams. Teamwork is your greatest weapon. Small scale tactical combat. Revive teammates to get them back in the fight, but be wary: you might just be feeding the enemy kills.



"Secure the relics! But expect heavy resistance." - Lord Shaxx

3v3. Secure and defend the Relics to claim the secrets of our past. Golden Age mysteries litter our old worlds. Scour the battlefield for the relics, lock them down, and keep the other team from contesting your claim.

Combined Arms.jpg

Combined Arms

"Honor is earned, not given. So earn it." - Lord Shaxx

6v6. Coordinate vehicles and your ground game to control the battlefield and rout your opponents. This is war. Guardians face off in large-scale combat across harsh terrain with vehicles in play.



"Work together... and you might survive." - Lord Shaxx

2v2 with teammate revival. Sometimes the only Light you can rely on is your Ghost and another Guardian. Partner with a single Guardian for an efficient duel with an opposing pair of adversaries and their Ghosts. Watch each other's back, and shut down the enemy.



"Pick your fights. Stay focused. Or this only gets worse." - Lord Shaxx

A modified variant of multiple Crucible match types, Inferno tests your Light against the darkest of conditions. Darkness prevails, leaving Guardians to rely on their weaponry and combat skills alone. The enemy can be found solely by sight and sound. Rely on your teammates and keen tracking to stalk your enemies and shut them down. No trackers. Simplified scoring. True skill put to the ultimate test.

Crucible Events.jpg

Crucible Events

“I've seen the best, Guardian. Do you think you can match them? " - Lord Shaxx

The Crucible offers a variety of challenges for Guardians to test their mettle, each with their own unique combat strategies and tactics. The most formidable Guardians are versatile enough to master them all, and prove their worth in new challenges when they arise. The battlefield is unpredictable and a Guardian’s training needs to follow suit. Never content to let the City’s Guardians get too comfortable, Lord Shaxx offers up a diverse regiment of special field exercises and tournaments featuring varied team structures, objectives and combat challenges that keep Guardians on their toes. The City needs seasoned survivors, and values those Guardians who test their Light to the limit.

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