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Destiny Grimoire: Enemies - Cabal Command

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Bracus Tho'ourg.jpg

Bracus Tho'ourg

Victory comes on the wings of death.

Reports of the one they call Bracus Tho'ourg began in the earliest days of contact with the Cabal. The first Guardians who faced him are long lost, but the legends speak of a powerful commander who secured the Buried City with merely a fraction of the Cabal's forces on Mars. If these reports are accurate, they provide clues not only to Tho'ourg's tactical prowess but to the Cabal lifespan.

Bracus Tha'aurn.jpg

Bracus Tha'aurn

Embrace suffering. Only then can it be conquered.

Bracus Tha'aurn appears remarkable among Cabal commanders for his interest in the glories of our Golden Age. Having been faced only in the company of Psions, the Vanguard has reason to believe he maintains some sort of command over their deployment.

Primus Sha'aull.jpg

Primus Sha'aull

If your enemy speaks with a blade, master the sword.

No one knows what fascination the Vex hold for the leader of the Blind Legion, but Primus Sha'aull has put his command at great risk by pushing into lands occupied by the machines.

The Psion Flayers.jpg

The Psion Flayers

"We have just as much to learn from our enemies as we do from our past." - Master Rahool

Somewhere among their forces, the Cabal hide one of their most powerful weapons, the Psion Flayers. The extent of their ability is still uncharted, but Cryptarch studies and Warlock fears have led the Vanguard to classify them as a serious threat. Many among the Warlock orders believe the Flayers pulled Phobos from its natural orbit, holding it in place, waiting for the order to release as a weapon.

Valus Ta'aurc.jpg

Valus Ta'aurc

"The last sounds to reach their ears were the creak of tank tread and the battle-cry of Ta'aurc."

From his armored seat of power, Valus Ta'aurc has claimed more ground on Mars than any known Cabal commander. His name is feared throughout Meridian Bay, and the tread-marks left by his tank have come to signify the expansion of the Cabal's ever-widening Exclusion Zone.

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