Destiny Grimoire: Enemies - Fallen Arsenal

Fallen Arsenal.jpg

Shock Pistol.jpg

Shock Pistol

The Shock Pistol is a simple but deadly weapon, and a mainstay of the Fallen arsenal. Primarily utilized by the lower ranking members of a given Fallen crew, Shock Pistols discharge bolts of Arc energy.

Shock Rifle.jpg

Shock Rifle

Although based on the same Arc technology as other Fallen weaponry, this rifle has a distinct advantage: the projectiles it fires track unerringly to the target. The exact mechanism behind this is unclear, but the rifle seems to steer the slow-moving molten projectile down an artificial field line.

Shrapnel Launcher.jpg

Shrapnel Launcher

The Shrapnel Launcher is a simple, effective, robust weapons system that the Fallen can build without risking vital resources. The weapon fires loose-forged canisters of explosives and shrapnel down electromagnetic rails embedded in the barrel. Captains favor this weapon for its intimidating presence. It deals Solar damage.

Wire Rifle.jpg

Wire Rifle

The Wire Rifle utilizes shock cores to charge thin wires of an exotic metal, converting them into Arc-infused molten shards with an extraordinary muzzle velocity.